One Yeti's Perspective #243: Blockchain Value

in blockchain •  6 months ago

Blockchain value is a pretty common question. Whether it is the value of the blockchain, or how to add value to the blockchain. There is new technology everyday, and we need to keep up.

There has been some revelation to our roles as of lateley. What we are actually doing when we are holding SP, RC, WP. We are actually holding our ability to function. As larger businesses start to move into the space, we are holding their ability...even the smallest accounts.

I am a creator, on a deeper level than just my posts. Everyday I consciously make decisions to form my reality. For now I am going to continue to create what makes me happy, and say that it adds value to the blockchain.

Be well. Be encouraged. Be radical.

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We create what makes😍 in order that hopefully we can increase the happiness of others!

Yeaj, you are right. A few days off the drug Steem and everyone is starting to cry. That just proofs how great Steem actually is. Check out my DTube airdrop for the UP SMT. We have a special community airdrop just for DTubers. ;)


What?! Thats amazing! I will check it out.