My (Thankfully Not So Long) Journey To Becoming An Investor (And How I Found Neblio)

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I am happy to announce I am no longer a trader, I am a believer!!

I am not an expert on cryptocurrencies, and sadly I don’t have powers to predict the future… But I tell you what I’m good at, I can research the bejeezus out of anything. That’s why I enjoy my job, I can research all types of different industries, companies etc and in the process learn some more. Like I mentioned in my introduction, I am new in the crypto world. And while I thought I understood the concept, it wasn’t until this weekend that it finally clicked. I was reading a newspaper from Colombia where they were explaining the blockchain. In summary it said:

Blockchain is to transactions, like, Internet is to information

Now, most of you already know this, but I didn’t! and boy was I happy that I finally understood the depth of this revolution. Transactions are going to be so transparent and clean, there is not going to be a need for a log keeper. No need for banks or monetary policies. So finally after understanding the concept, I realized I was no longer in the market as a trader, but as an investor. Back in the dotcom bubble, the companies that survived, were the ones that offered a service, or a platform for the technology to grow. I now understand any type of transaction will be able to happen within the blockchain, so it was my new mission to find the best platforms, not the specific transaction tokens.

So, I set on a quest to find the tokens that I truly believed in. Tokens that will allowed me to feel proud of myself for being the supporter of the change makers. Mind you, I am not a whale, or a dolphin, definitely plankton on the way to minnow, but nevertheless part of the change.

I decided to keep my Steem as I do believe this platform is part of the revolution. By interacting with respect and offering all types of information, Steemit is definitely going to be an influencer. I also decided I wanted to find a token that allowed for blockchain development, and I came across Stratis and Neblio. Stratis seemed to be decent, but then I looked at Neblio, and oh boy was I intrigued…

Neblio went from $7 to $50 in from January 6th to January 9th.

So then I went to twitter to figure out what the hell happened that day:

So (clever) gives you all the information about the platform and the links to the specific wallet where you can stake your neblio (by the way, they also have a very nice community and communicate very efficiently through Slack). I took advantage of the bearish market and got me some of that awesome Neblio (sadly not enough, remember me plankton).

I can sit here and tell you how the token price will increase and blah blah blah. But I want to tell you about my findings, because I do believe in the project. I do believe the blockchain is the future. I know Steemians reading this post know this, but maybe I can help somebody else find their light.

Because the same way I was offered all this information thanks to the internet, I want to be able to one day complete all my transactions with the blockchain.

Aloha Steemy Friends, I hope you are all able to find a token you truly believe in.


thank you post @fonsetucker

Haha Plankton...Beeing a whale would be so much better of course. Do you already stake your Neblios?

Yes! First thing I did right after I bought it.

Perfect! Lot of people forget about it. I bought in toooo late and now I’m aiming to get around 120 to get at least one new token every month :)

Wow what a skyrocket for neblio. Thanks for the post.... definitely going to invest in neblio.

It appears there were a few whales trying to push the price, but the NEBLIO community hodl and the token was one of the few that fair the blood bath with no major losses. Also, you can stake neblio, kind of the way we power up with steem, and you get incentives.

Very nice post. The amazing things about the Blockchain is the transparency it provides. In the future I see this technology being incorporated into a lot of new things.

This girl can play! BOOM! Watch and learn people! She knows what she is talking about!

Exactly. She knows what she's talking about cos she understood she's now an investor.

And believer too who believes in Steem and Steemit platform as a part of revolution.

Wow. Nice One.
Exactly "Blockchain is to transaction, internet is for information ".
That's a good point.

Understanding of everything we do is very important cos it tends to open our minds to see beyond the unseen cos if you don't understand it, we might be doing the wrong thing and having a wrong perception about that thing.

You understood the concept and realized you're now an investor which also made you a believer.

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