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In the Follow My Vote Code Contributor Program skilled developers can contribute code to our open source project. We are big proponents of open source and have even partnered with the open source initiative. Follow My Vote releases open source code under the GPLv3 license. Here are a few reasons why you might consider contributing:

Be A Part Of Something World Changing

Follow My Vote is positioned to disrupt the entire voting industry. . . around the globe. With blockchain based voting we can increase transparency while decreasing costs. You now have a chance to join the project that will likely be the very first end to end verifiable blockchain based voting platform. Get in in the early stages and have your name carved into history as a person responsible for helping build this revolutionary software.

Work With Blockchain Experts.

Follow My Vote CTO, Nathan Hourt is leading the Follow My Vote Code Contributors. Nathan is one of the two architects behind the Graphene Blockchain framework which has been adopted by BitShares, Steem (which you are on) and Muse.


MERITs are digital tokens that Follow My Vote is using to reward Code Contributors and help set the direction of Follow My Vote’s software development. When Follow My Vote is deciding what features to add next, or which direction to take with their products, we will run stake-weighted polls in our software to prioritize development based on market demand. These polls will be weighted in MERIT.

MERITs exist in the BitShares cryptocurrency ecosystem as a User Issued Asset (UIA). Overtime as the project grows and more people earn and hold MERITs, we will see the value of MERITs increase.  This will allow early holders to sell their MERIT profitably on the free market.

At this time, one should think of 100 MERITs as representing 1 hour of time. Developers who contribute code to Follow My Vote by resolving issues* that live in our github repository will be rewarded in MERITs. 

*Note that not all issues in our github repository are eligible for MERITs. Non-eligible issues have been tagged with a “No MERITs” label. If you are interested in taking on one of the eligible issues, please place a bid by posting a comment on that issue to include how many MERITs you’d like receive for doing the work. From there, we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the opportunity further.

Not a developer? No worries! Our Ambassadors also earn MERITs for their time spent helping the project. Learn about Follow My Vote Ambassadors.

Will You Join Us?

To Join:

Check out our GitHub repo and contact Nathan on IRC. 
Our IRC channel is #followmyvote on Freenode. Nathan’s handle: modprobe.

For more information check out

About the author: Will Long is the Marketing Manager of Follow My Vote.  

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