Follow My Vote Is Hiring. Are You Up For The Challenge?

in #blockchain3 years ago

Do you have what it takes?

Or know someone who does?

Follow My Vote is actively looking for development help with some of our exciting new endeavors! This could be your chance to work for a technology company that is actively pushing boundaries and changing paradigms.

We don’t want your resume. We want to see your work! We are interested in how you approach an open-ended problem.

If you are a capable developer or know someone who is, please visit and share our new Dev Challenge.

This challenge is also open to those with no prior development experience, but you must be motivated and willing to work with QML, Python, and C++.

We anticipate and look forward to the submissions of this challenge and to those who will join the Follow My Vote Team!

Follow My Vote aims to develop open-source blockchain-based voting software that supports early voting from mobile devices and provides immediate transparency into election results by allowing voters to independently audit the ballot box to ensure that election results are honest.​ We are currently open to exploring partnership and collaboration opportunities.

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