Follow My Vote Featured On Forbes For Blockchain Voting

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Follow My Vote can now add Forbes to the list of media publications discussing blockchain voting and Follow My Vote’s end-to-end verifiable voting software. Author Jackie Burns Koven has written an unbiased article on that uncovers the progress and realtiy of blockchain voting for use in political elections. Numerous articles are coming out that are very one sided. The content is blatantly for or against blockchain voting. This article is refreshing as it incorporates quotes and opinions from advocates and opponents. This gives the reader a more holistic view and understanding of the state of blockchain voting.  Ms. Burns Koven is a Research Assistant of Technology & Public Policy at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Nathan Hourt, Follow My Vote Co-founder and CTO, is quoted several times throughout the article. Hourt eloquently explains risks that are neutralized with an end-to-end verifiable system. 

Read the article on

 About the author: Will Long is the Marketing Manager of Follow My Vote

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