Educating 15K People On How Blockchain Technology Works [Video]

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Blockchain Education

Everyone at Follow My Vote is passionate about educating other people on blockchain technology. The obvious reason is because the tech is revolutionary and can provide benefits such as transparency, decentralization, censorship resistance, trustless exchanges and immutability. 

 “You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the Internet in the early 1990’s.” 
– Blythe Masters

At Follow My Vote it is especially crucial that we explain how blockchains work due to the nature of our business, building blockchain voting software. Many people still haven't heard of blockchain. Often times people have heard of Bitcoin, but have no idea that it uses the tech.

Multitudes of people are convinced voting can't be brought online. These are the same people that have yet to learn about the blockchain. They have read the news of online voting pilots being hacked or listened to ignorant politicians. 

It is true though. There are many risks bringing voting online. That is why it is imperative that we educate people on the technology that allows us to reduce those risks significantly.  

The Video

Nathan Hourt, Follow My Vote Co-founder & CTO recently hit 15,000 views on his video where he discusses how blockchain technology works. We invite you to both watch and share the video. 

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About the Author: Will Long is the Marketing Manager for Follow My Vote. Find him on Steemit: @slickwilly


If the masses took blockchain voting seriously, like we do here on Steemit, then over time they would start seeing definitive results and action based upon their likes and dislikes. You may be on to something here with how your enterprise can obtain honest opinion, not extracted by some annoying popup. You could take it to the level of FB and have huge value to business, and others as well.

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