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Of a fact, the blockchain technology is still in its formative years. The introduction of blockchain technology into the business world is fast affecting so many industries globally by offering a digitized, unchangeable and safe network that prevents the chances of the system being hacked. However, it is not without a few hiccups such as slow transaction speed and high technicalities that makes it difficult to be incorporated by the average market actor.



Temtum Network was developed to resolve all the challenges affecting the duo of crypto exchange currencies as well as blockchain networks. It achieves this by building a blockchain technology where high scalability, fast transaction-processing speed, safety as well as low resource input are prioritized. This makes Temtum blockchain technology easier to be incorporated by most credit card companies and payment platforms.
Also, through the combined powers of Temporal Blockchain alongside Consensus Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence-driven protocol, the processing time is faster and transactions are more efficiently done. Similarly, the safety and privacy of users' fund are ensured on the platform by the use of special numbers randomly assigned to nodes.

The local currency on the platform, TEM, is used for all transactions on the network; through the use of the coin, transactions are swiftly processed, resource consumption is eco-friendly and the coin itself makes the network adaptable to a high volume of the transaction without having problems with the storage. The coin can adapt well into the present payment facilities and equally act as a crypto exchange currency.
In the same way, on the Temtum network, mass participation in blockchain technology which does not attract any charges is ensured, irrespective of the user’s location.

In addition, Temtum provides a blockchain technology that simplifies the entire process of sharing data under a decentralized arrangement. This offers many improvements over the current blockchain technologies. For instance, it offers greater transparency because the transactions can be seen by almost anyone, it can be easily tracked, it is more efficient and there is no time-delay in transaction processing. It also offers a payment system that eliminates the need for third-party confirmation of transferred funds.
Temtum network was built using Temporal Blockchain Technology and it features a data storage facility from which data can be easily accessed whenever the need arises. The data is decentralized and stored on some unique nodes that allow almost all devices to actively access the blockchain through the Temtum network.

Furthermore, Temtum equally has a Consensus Algorithm which ensures that data is sent to one leading node at a time, something uncommon to the traditional blockchain technology. Through the use of a Consensus Algorithm, the chances of dangerous fork intruding into uses account are reduced. Similarly, it helps the network accessible to low-power devices and reduces the impact of resource input on the environment. Temtum network also features a routing algorithm which ensures that every node on the network has a time-to-time knowledge of activities on the network.
Temporal Blockchain platform is secured through the use of NIST-generated random numbers to ensure that transactions on the network is well secured.


Temtum network in addition to Temporal technology have come to improve the blockchain world by adding scalability, greater efficiency and increased transparency. All these features have the potential to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology into the mainstream financial market.


Website: https://temtum.com

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Medium: https://medium.com/temtum

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Whitepaper: https://temtum.com/downloads/temtum-whitepaper.pdf

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