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It seems like every other day my favorite Youtube channels are either disappearing or their content being manipulated and censored. With the release of Dtube just a few days ago, I have seen new hopes for the freedom of content creation that face the wrath of Youtube's monopoly on online video hosting.

Many of my friends and content creators I support have been frustrated for the longest time with the lack of protection Youtube gives it's content creators. We all know that Youtube has been demonetizing channels left and right to scourge their site of content that does not meet their corporate agenda. Many content creators I follow have been searching for an alternate to posting their content to Youtube often relying on sites like Patreon and Twitch to get their message out. Since Youtube technically has the right to shadow ban and manipulate content that isn't favorable to them, we must remember that it is their website. Since their are new guidelines and restrictions being put on Youtube daily it seems to me that Youtube will eventually ruin their own platform. We know that Youtube makes an enormous amount off ad revenue, the specific amount we will never know. Dtube, the decentralized video platform could be the next big thing.

Dtube is unique in the way that it offers it's content creators the ability to earn revenue without the use of advertisements. While their might be advertisements implemented on the platform in the future, this is already a bonus for users of the platform. On Youtube, many content creators have recently had to rely on Super Chats to keep their channel up and running after being demonetized or censored. With nobody knowing the true amount Youtube is making off advertisements, we know that they are not fairly distributing the revenue to their content creators and taking cuts out of supporters donating to their favorite channels. Dtube has great potential because the revenue that is gained comes directly from the people who support each content creator. Unlike Youtube, Dtube is not taking a cut out of the revenue of it's users. Not only are you earning your full curation rewards, but it is also in the form of Steem dollars which in my opinion are more valuable than fiat currency. We know that many channels on Youtube get flack for opening up forms of monetary support to get paid for their work. Dtube has the ability to avoid this issue because the curation is built directly into the app in the form of an upvote.

I believe that Dtube has built a great model to incentive new content creators like myself to dive deep into uncharted territories. With the ability to share videos on a decentralized app, the spread of new and controversial information has a much better chance of reaching a bigger audience. The only thing I see at this point that trumps Dtube is platforms that have the ability to livestream such as Twitch and Youtube. Once Dtube gives users the ability to livestream, I truly think it will become the best video sharing platform on the web.

Sign in to Dtube with your Steemit account here: https://dtube.video/

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Interesting. Do you know how to get a D Tube account? You Tube does need to be replaced

Dtube is built on the Steemit blockchain so all you need is your Steemit info to log in.

Heres the link: https://dtube.video/

Oh great. Thanks

Nice post

Appreciate that!

I didn't know too much about this but between you post and your comment below, (or above) I am aware now

Great! Hope to see you on Dtube!