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Adoption of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency haven't been as fast as we'd like it to be. This is because of so many reasons, top of the list being ease of use. Many potential users get fed up while navigating through the complexities of the Blockchain. If this continues, the interest in the blockchain might continue to decline. For this not to happen, DigitalBits was born.

The core aim of DigitalBits is to make the blockchain accessible for all. This will ultimately drive the adoption believers of the Blockchain so desire.

"DigitalBits is a protocol layer blockchain designed to help facilitate liquidity of various digital assets and integrate with existing apps to drive mass market adoption"


The four main advantages of the DigitalBits protocol are:

  • The DigitalBits protocol is already built. For people that want to experience high throughput and trading on-chain wouldn't have to wait as the platform is ready for use.

  • Developers can integrate the protocol with their already existing apps. Which means developers can experience the amazing benefits of this protocol without having to redesign their apps.

  • The DigitalBits protocol provides liquidity for assets even if there are no markets for it. This gives users assurance that their assets will always have a way to be exchanged and liquidated.

  • With DigitalBits, reward points and coupons can be easily tokenized and the redeemed tokens can be spent by the users anyhow they see fit. This will open a whole new world in the retail, travel and hospitality, and financial services industry.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. To further read about this project, please check out the website and Whitepaper.

Any and every project that will drive adoption of the Blockchain is highly welcome and should be encouraged. 2017 saw a very bearish move of cryptocurrencies and this has put a dent on the trust investors and traders have on it. And that is because the adoption isn't as widespread. DigitalBits is the forefront for the championing of this cause. And all hands should be on deck in supporting this wonderful project.

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Ann | Westart|

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This is a well detailed write up on this project. I'm interested. Will look into it

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