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Last October reached out to many artists who are independent, suggesting a positive conspiracy to collaborate, unite, share a group and space to form a tribe of musicians and use P2P and open source access to our creative endeavours. Organically took off quickly, with help from the elusive TFG and P. Emerson Williams. Last count 59 artists within the Creatice Tribe collaborating, working together, promoting and sharing each ofher’s music- creative people power, and perhaps testament to an attitude that music and art can transcend all borders, real or imagined, in alignment that the currents we manifest from the muses are Universal, and whilst we are the ones who are making manifest, and need to eat- so sales are great- ultimately the creative current can not be owned, though it sure can be shared, appreciated and utilised towards further progress and unexpected combinations. Convergences of chaotic and ordered souls with a common ground in creative drive resulting in so much coolness and kindness and cohesion with creative collaborators... Circle of Chromo, Choronzon, and Panic Machine may perhaps the most monstrous of conspiracies conceived.

Can be found on Farcebook, links on channel- a few sketches on there pre release.... we don’t want to give too much away prior to unleashing the first pieces of evidence of the unstoppable nature of the Circle Tribe


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