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One of the very effective way of using money is through credit cards which many are already familiar with in the traditional bank setup. It would be more harmonious to have a structure that allows users effective use of both Fiat currency and cryptocurencies. The main goal of the blockchain which is to have digital assets to serve everyone's financiaI desire, and for this goal to be accomplished, there is need to seek more innovative approach that will make crypto more useful and accessible. XCARD has got the credit card innovation to make the use of crypto easier in relation to fix such that a wallet can serve both function when a user successfully connects his bank account to it.


This platform is a special wallet for wide interraction with all types of assets or currencies. It is one of a kind that is boundless in its operations and present spending solutions that carries all new users of crypto along in this. With this platform, all forms of financiaI transactions are made possible through the wallet and through the credit cards provided without any form of delay. People will get to be more familiar with cryptocoins even more than they have been able to use their regular currencies. This will have nothing to do with users skills or how smart they are. The main platform have all the three features of the wallet, the friendly API interface, the card and exchange also. They all work together to bring about the perfection in the process of making payments with the platform. The methods it provides makes it all simple for all types of transfers to one another and even when transfers are to be made to the traditional banks.

It is now possible for users or those engaging in a trade to choose whatever currencies they will like to trade with so that they can convert the money so easily if need be. The execution speed is quite awesome with the low commission fees that follows it. It portrays a good example of an exchange in this sense and allows users make profit from simply using it from any part of the world where they are.

When it comes to performing its exchange functions, it makes use of a risk free feature that prevents users from risk and make them able to use the swap option. It is decentralised also in this process even though it is just a part of the function it allows.



There is no other safe means to store up funds than the use of the wallet that allows you to access the money at all times. The wallet is made to serve all the major financiaI services and as a cold storage wallet funds are saved with signatures that only the users have set. It supports token and are well designed to be useful for e-commerce activities and for loan collection. A user can receive and make payments in any Curren of choice through the wallet because they have the ability to decide how they want their transactions done. Once a payment transaction is initiated, the special internalizer automatically ensure the completion without being controlled by any other factors. Trading can be done through Xcard instantly, making conversion very fast and precise.


In this platform, users can buy, sell or even borrow assets from other users to be returned later. This help boost their operations in the platform and make loan collection easy.

Payments can be done through the payment cards and those who desire to use other types of assets can buy them.

It is very safe to use the wallet for storing assets and even more is the convenience of use.

As ab Xcard user, there is a credit option that allows you to buy any item and then pay later. The credit card can also made to work with your biometrics if you want.

Xcard is compliance with KYC requirements, so users will need to register for KYC to create their unique cards. It won't take long to have an account in the ecosystem unless the long process it usually take a new bank user to get registered.

It has an atomic swap feature and a decentralised internalizer for realtime transactions in the decentralised economy.


All you should expect from this platform is profit whether you are an investor or just a user. The provisions have already been made such that all users can deploy its essential features and make use of them. Everyone is good to go with this platform which is very easy to use and own to be in control of ones financiaI operations in the digital world and beyond it.


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