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This project as a new dApp has opened its been application for its stakeholders to gain dividends and perform better than what they are exposed to before. This article is about to expose the benefits of this dApps with its tokens in the sector. This Interesting platform has a special tech to use and tokens to play active role in its ecosystem. Its token is already listed on NewDex without wasting time to show how ready it is with this revolutionization of the district.


Most of the players have once been joined with other platform that couldn't help them in the gambling process. This is all because of the difficulties they face so many times. But now Bethash as the first agent of improvement in the system will use smartcontracts as well as other helpful factors to make things go on well again. It will bring fairness to the sector and have transactions done on its personalized EOS chain. This will make them secured and consistently getting profits from the platform. The casino in it is decentralised making players take part in it using the ERC 20 tokens to stake and also using other coins. They have tokens for free in this ecosystem to play games on daily basis.

The lottery system uses the EOSHash and have the casino run with the list of the tokens that will take part in it. This helps to achieve fast growth over a short period of time and then sharing the rewards automatically. The lottery games integrated works for this purpose and even more are added to make the process very feasible. Some other games like Jack or Better, EOE dice game is also part of it.

The transactions on this network is runned on the EOS chain that ensures the generation of the hashes while the transactions go on. As that is done, the numbers are therefore used to judge the winners of the game. This is why the numbers given to players are generated as frequently as possible to install fairness in the game.


The game is designed to run again and again every minute. When the game is to begin, the stakers can decide to use any cryptocoins for the one minute game before it elapse and then do the same over again for as long as they can do that. THE EOS chain is also used to support the Dice game and provide straight results at the end of it. The HASH is used also even tho the users wish to use some others.
Bethash uses a very special system to support all kinds of EOS tokens for players to use everyday when they stake with the metamask app used and the accounts of users fulfil then purpose for which they were created. The emails of the the players will function with the accounts for proper syncronization and proper functioning. The stakes are made through the stakers deposit and it reflects in their profile for easy betting with the token. This is how the process is done on the blockchain with both the fiats and other cryptocurencies. Users will make use of the wallet for easy transfer of the funds and can also receive their rewards in it. The casino activity too is another interesting thing players should watch out for as they use the dapp. Signing up to get started is all they will need to start with in the platform and they will have the perfect fairness and transparency.


This platform has all the factors that is needed for the EOS system and all the transactions on the ethereum platform. The HASH token will simply made things easy after the app has been downloaded. The EOS account will make investors able to support the players with funds through investing in the HASH. The users who prefer to use other coin asides the HASH used in Bethash will do that with the account they create and be free to do so. Playing games in the ecosystem will bring rewards to stakers as much as they are able to stake daily.

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