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As much as there are so many opportunities in the world of cryptocurency, when attention is paid to the system, it won't be long before one give up on what is seen as an opportunity because there is no hope of sustaining it afterall. This is why there is an urgent need to focus on the anomaly of the vast crypto economy for fast transformation of the community. The purpose of the creating this platform has gone beyond just having a currency to use on the blockchain but having solutions to the present problems and establishing a permanent way of overcoming those problems. That is why this new project focuses on the exchange, the game community, foundations and also the price stability that has never been achieved by any platform before.


This platform has great use on the blockchain. It propels the activities of users in it and bring them so many advantages as they function in or out of system. It serves all kinds of solution and can be regarded as the best solution provider of this time that is able to reduce all excess cost that I involved in using the blockchain before its existence. This platform proposes the use of it's exchange that is much more better than all existing exchanges at a low cost, fostering effective publication as they use it and making them get the best from it. Their access to it will not be limited by fund or any other factors, they will gain wide access into it and be able to use it for their operations. Developers that are very reliable will also have access to the crypto community and be exposed to prices that are pocket friendly, unlimited access will be achieved and the prices of the coin will be so affordable. To be an owner of any asset in this community will be very easy. No one will have difficulties in doing so because the value of any cryptocoins to be own can be first determined or calculated after which they can acquire whatever volume they will love to get. This makes the whole system very easy to use and to function with the assets is made simpler. Purchasing a coin in this platform is done through its exchange selling as well is done comfortably so that the users see no need to do anything outside the ecosystem.



The Anyone-exchange is very important to users and as one of the very important structure of the system, it makes them free to conduct any transactions on their own, gives them the freedom to perform their own operations without being interrupted. This way, they are able to prevent all manner of loss and focus on their transactions which they can make their gains from. The program is big enough to support tye decentralised p2p transactions. The problems with trading or any other part are cleared just by using this network and fraud is eliminated permanently.


The dividends in this platform is meant for all as the revenues are gotten. Anyone is well organized in all it does and that includes this part of the project. About 30-60% of the generated funds will be used for this purpose and it will definitely go round all the users. All its users will be registered to know how much will be distrubuted for this. This amount will be shared equally among the stakeholders and it will be validated once it is received.

IMG_20190708_194741.jpg Go for the beta test app and have a taste of AnyOneLTD


As owners it is until the dividends have been validated that its is believed to have sent tge dividends. This will happen so easily in the platform anyways so that users don't get to doubt the solidness of the program. The amount of the ANY token issues will change as a result of the consistent production of the assets. This won't cause any problem whatsoever in the platform and the value will be as it was from the start. Investors will be convinced using and investing in ANY. They will be rest assured that Profitability will result from their investments in it. Thus, the project won't compromise but sustain its solutions for crypto users.


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