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Truth be told: we live in a world that is sometimes unfair.

Today's society, as we know it, is governed by a series of rules that together have as a mission give us a sense of "order", that everything needs to go in one direction and that we should all abide and follow that path, all for the benefit Individual and group, as well as to be able to have an acceptable quality of life.

But sometimes, (and it is more often than it seems) the laws are not followed conveniently. Many people even go against them, or modify them at their convenience, a matter that carries many uncomfortable and problematic situations for both the culprits and the environment in which they are.

The laws are used to make any agreement, any process, or any kind of exchange or procedure, this is done in the best way possible, with the certainty of knowing that everything will work properly, but unfortunately, many Sometimes this does not happen either because of lack of communication, or for some failure as far as the issuer as the receiver, because if you do something that requires important elements such as money or goods, and do not take the appropriate measures, many times disastrous things like robbery can happen, and that's not what anyone wants, at the end of the day.

An entrepreneur, a person who makes a business, who has his own sources of work and makes agreements with another person (say a freelancer) wants to do his job in the easiest and safest way possible, but often are "victims" either for lack of Experience to realize business, or other factors such as misunderstandings with the client with whom they are working, or changes in the customer's decision at the last minute, which ends up making the project to be just a waste of time. There are many factors, to tell the truth, and that is why then, a project is born that aims precisely to bring the order for things to work from the beginning as they have to work.

We're talking about Kleros.

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Based on the above mentioned, we define then that within the global economy, there are many shortcomings, since many times, there is an absolute legal means in which disputes can be solved of various types, either for the cost that this It entails, or for the large amount of time required to make a case, and yet without guarantees that it can be resolved.

It is here when Kleros, in his mission to solve this great problem that affects so many people around the world, decides to implement a new and brilliant system, which is mainly in a kind of "courtroom" which exerts the times of Intermediary, between an issuer and a receiver, and that avoids any legal or procedural problems that may arise in the process where a job or any project is being developed.

Said in a simpler way: Kleros connects two users who have a specific problem, and helps them to solve that difficulty, by means of a system that acts with a jury that is in charge of giving a verdict in a quick and simple way, taking as base the dispute and choosing the most favorable result based on the evidence and information given to them at first.

Using the blockchain technology, it is then assured that the selection of the judges or jurors is completely safe and that each dispute will be resolved in the most fair way possible, and there is even no need to have any dispute from the outset, if the parties are of Agree to use the Kleros system from the outset, thus avoiding acts of irresponsibility on one side like the other.

Kleros guarantees that each project will be done completely, in the best possible way, and within the guidelines that were given from the beginning (counted exceptions that include contingencies) but that will be fulfilled, they will do it.

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Kleros maintains a basic operating structure that ensures that your service is efficient and gives results, let's see how it works below:

A contract: The contract is everything. For both parties involved in a business, project, or any job, it is very important to have a document whether it is written or digital, but that it is valid and that it consists of a convincing proof that it is Initiating this procedure taking into account the guidelines defined in terms of delivery times, payments, materials, and other things.

Kleros then creates a method that is named "Intelligent contracts" which awards it as the protocol through which the assets are awarded (say money) that once successfully completed, are released from the employer to the employee.

Important Information: Kleros acts as a means to save and maintain the relevant information of the process, and if it is a dispute, that information is also stored there in the system and it is those data that will be used later to give the Final verdict. It's an idea of "safe" data and relevant information.

Selection: Once you have the contract and the data, you then proceed to make a selection of people who are trained to solve that specific case, because for example, if it is a problem that has to do with the area of architecture , the "Judge" in this case will be someone who knows about architecture, and so on, the idea is to find people who are trained to solve the problem having a wide information base on the topic and the area where the situation develops.

The decision: Through the Smart contracts is achieved then, reach a consensus, in which the final decision is that in which more judges coincided in evaluating the information and make a decision on the values in the middle of the contract, it is decided then if the investment is remunerated or if on the other hand it belongs to the other party.

Kleros offers a ranking system, in addition, that rewards the judges who make the decision "more appropriate" and those who end up deciding otherwise, lose points within what is that ranking, that's why the system has the security of being the most optimal for each case, giving the best results to each situation thanks to the information provided.

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We are going to define a series of situations in which the service of Kleros is efficient, because for this it is directed, then we delimit it with some examples:

He's an umpire.
Kleros is presented as the solution of a problem in which the service provided was not satisfactorily completed, acting as arbitrator and leaving a fair decision based on the information received and within the context of the case, with the evidence that the Decision is based on facts and evidence and that a fair and impartial vote was made, insured by the blockchain system so the parties involved are totally trustworthy and have the power to give a verdict accordingly.


He's a content moderator.
Many people on the net are not what they seem. They are even able to hide their true identity, with a stolen image of the network and even more. It is by that, the content that is seen and the comments that are produced are not the most suitable for a situation or a digital platform, becoming hurtful, and that threaten the good use of digital social networks in general interrupting thus Even business possibilities or entrepreneurship.

The Kleros team can then apply a system of points to the user that can lead to reduce their reputation, so that people are attentive to the user in question and so reduce and minimize the possible, the abuse that the person behind the ordered is committing.


In games of chance.
Because all fields have a possible means of disputes, in the area of gambling usually happens a lot this because it is fair or not, victory and defeat are a very strong discussion topic and if between the parties involved there is no organization, or one of the parties could be said to be "bad loser" then disputes can become very serious.

That's why Kleros trains a group of jurors who serve as umpires and make sure that the winners are the ones who really deserve it, the decision-making will run on the part of these jurors and the dispute although it can still be maintained, is a fact that would greatly reduce dad or that will be results based on the facts of the game in question and the results you throw.


The Crowdfundings.
A system based on the deposit of funds, which are blocked and not released until the party responsible for carrying out the task has not fulfilled the assigned duty in its entirety, in a satisfactory manner.

The Crowdfundings store the funds through a smart contract, and they are not released until the investment party gives the green light, if this does not happen, the funds are returned to the investors in a safe way.


The great risk that it deserves to buy online products, which are sold with an expectation that sometimes is not the one that the buyer ends up receiving, and that it cannot return because there is not a requirement for it. Kleros is responsible for relieving that burden and that concern as it serves as an intermediary that allows by means of intelligent contracts, to return the money to the buyer in case the product in question does not meet the standards that are demanded.


The Oracles.
What does this mean? It is simply a database that is managed through the smart contracts, and that allows the information that is used as a basis to solve any situation, is based on real means of information, that allows the smart contracts to act on the basis of them, giving the total certainty that they will be real and reliable bases.

You could say that this is the mixture of real and digital data, within the blockchain, that is bet, and in case it is understood as a foolproof system of information that gives Kleros a window to new technologies.


The PNK are the method of excellence of payment motivation within the platform of Kleros, and these go in this case, to the candidates to jurors that fall within the selection and that, based on their results, they will be able to acquire benefits of payments of this Token , which will allow you to scale within the system rankings, among other things.

The system will function as a profit of investment-profit, in which the user who wants to be chosen as jury, must deposit a quantity of pnk to have the possibility of being selected, thus avoiding that the jurors that are not active are Selected and that then their participation is void within the system when making the final decision.

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The more Pinakions transfer the user to the time of presenting the case to be evaluated, the greater the participation of the jurors can be, being selected by a process that allows to verify their aptitudes to classify them thus within the category that more It fits your knowledge, all this making your final verdict the most appropriate for the problem to be solved.


Problems and disagreements are a subject that will never disappear. But it is great to know that there is a platform able to reduce them and even eliminate them, and that is Kleros. The project offered by Kleros will undoubtedly help all those small or medium enterprises, who want to undertake and create projects with important contracts, or for individuals who cannot rely on a legal basis either for economic reasons or some other type, but with Kleros gets a huge and secure support, and equally for people who care about hiring a service to doubt the capabilities and efficiency of it, everything is in a medium that will help both parties to meet and reach the best Possible agreement: that of the efficiency by the product and by the payment received.

New technologies are advancing and we have to be part of them, that's why Kleros promotes technology to solve problems that would otherwise require many processes to be carried out and solved.

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