EOS Gravity Topic Discussion in Chinese Community 10/23–10/29

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EOS Gravity is one of the largest EOS communities in the world, with over 150K members. Every week we post topics in our community, mostly in WeChat groups, to encourage members to discuss and think. This article is a summary of these discussions, also an opportunity for EOS global community to listen to the voice of Chinese community.

First Topic:Recently, the EOS based gaming dApp is hot. What impact do you think it will have on the ecosystem of blockchain? What pain points can blockchain solve for such projects?

  • Braveheart:The most important thing right now is to attract developers, as long as there are more developers, "Gaming" or whatever. Developers have the world. The more developers you have, the snowball effect will be formed, and the more positive applications will emerge.

  • Soaring in the sky:Gaming is well suited to blockchain deployment, and blockchain is likely to solve the trust issues of traditional gaming! The market is always a better model to overturn the traditional model.No industry can escape this trend.I'm very optimistic, after all, there are a lot of people who like to gamble.

  • TOMM :Gaming applications are also applications, it has played the role of spearhead.The more applications that land(including gaming applications), the better the performance of the EOS chain. just to verify the high performance of the EOS chain. After the initial verification of the high performance of EOS, it will further attract large-scale commercial applications.After the initial verification of the high performance of EOS, it will further attract large-scale commercial applications.

  • Instinct:The market capacity of gaming is very amazing. Tencent data shows that the flow of Texas Hold’em poker is far greater than the Arena Of Valor. Now this part is off the line,if EOS can absorb these market demands, it will be disruptive.

  • Ji Xiang:The pain point is: the perfect solution to the problem that traditional gambling players do not trust the dealer. Secondly, it also avoids many risks in circulation.Although the gambling dApp is not completely open source, the key random algorithm and smart contract are open source submissions to all well-known audits for auditing. There is no secret in the blockchain. Only fairness can attract users to participate. Any type of dApp is a contribution to the EOS ecology.

Gravity Comment:

EOS dApp broke out in gambling games, on the one hand, the playability of probabilistic games, and on the other hand, because of the emergence of blockchains, it has solved the problem of dealers in the traditional gambling industry. Participants were able to participate in the game in a more equitable manner.

Although there are some controversies in gaming games. However, we should focus more on:

  1. Does EOS make improvements to some traditional industries to better serve human beings? (For example, the EOS gambling dApp gives a better experience to those involved.)

  2. Does the performance of EOS keep these dApps running well?The outbreak of the EOS based gaming dApp is just an accident in the EOS mass adoption.

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