EOS Gravity Topic Discussion in Chinese Community 10/16–10/22

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EOS Gravity is one of the largest EOS communities in the world, with over 150K members. Every week we post topics in our community, mostly in WeChat groups, to encourage community members to discuss and think. This article is a summary of these discussions, also an opportunity for EOS global community to listen to the voice of Chinese community.


First Topic:EOS Rio initiated a proposal to help reduce the price of CPU mortgages, which was quickly voted on by Block Producer. CPU resource is a temporary consumable. The CPU resources consumed can be recovered automatically.

The CPU provides the computing power for the mainnet of EOS.dApp developers need to constantly consume CPU resources.It is good for them to reduce the price of CPU mortgage. So how do you think about the price of CPU resources?

  • Huang Xiao: quick response, excellent!

  • Nose: Quick decision making, strong adaptability, DPOS is the best combination of democracy and efficiency.

  • Big Q: for the CPU, the price is a double-edged sword. Hardware costs won’t hold up if it’s too cheap.But if the price is too high, the player costs will increase. How to control this degree requires BP to calculate an operating cost first before it can be evaluated. It must be reflected in the price eventually, but the price fluctuation needs to be specified as a parameter.

  • MICHAELZHANG: the point of view is good for the ecology.We need to do a low-cost chain that benefits both the project side and the customer.

  • Gravity Comment:
    1)First of all, the proposal on CPU: “the current value of target_block_cpu_usage_pct changed from 1000 (10%) to 2000 (20%)” was quickly adopted by BP, showing the advantage of DPOS in efficiency.
    2)Secondly, Daniel Larimer has a good position on EOS in the white paper: “reduce developer costs and making users trade for free”. The decision to reduce the price of CPU mortgage is in line with Daniel’s initial heart and is consistent with the expectations of community members.

Second Topic:The REX model proposed by Daniel Larimer has been a topic of great concern to everyone. Recently, some BPs made some suggestions on the REX referendum.What do you think about REX and REX referendum?

  • 52 : I recommend a simpler voting process that lets beginning users vote with a lower threshold.

  • Q:1)In my opinion, from the user’s ecology, I think EOS needs to locate whether it is a system of to B or to C. From the full name of EOS, it is a business of ‘to B’, which is like a cloud service such as Alibaba Cloud. However, from the current operation, it is a to C system. Looking at EOS from the perspective of to C, the current experience is unfriendly, and users need to understand the connotation of various resources. User’s learning threshold and resource threshold are very high, which is not good for development.
    2)It’s like in the PC era, when the geek who saves a desktop knows all about the hardware, but how many of them are there? Why the mobile era can be developed, the mobile phone reduced the difficulty for the mass application and improved the user experience.If EOS is a blockchain system positioned as to C, the current technology is no big problem, and the biggest problem is that there are not too many to-c applications on blockchain at present.
    3)The dapps,which are booming,are user-oriented, not enterprise-oriented. So in conclusion, if EOS is to be positioned to B,the ecology can’t be done in the short term; If positioned to C, but the user threshold is high.
    4)Based on the above point of view, let’s take a look at REX: If EOS is positioned to B, REX is a platform for project parties to find resources. Actually, there are not many project side at the moment,REX is just the icing on the cake.

If positioned to C, REX has two demands:

  1. Users who have demands for investment and financing need REX to manage money;
  2. People who have requirements for using EOS resources need resources to apply various dapps.

For the second type of users, there are two groups. One is the project,who need certain CPU to maintain the project execution. The other is the dApp player, who needs enough CPU to operate the contract.

So there’s a lot of demand for REX. When a business model is set up, there is a need for capital recycling.If the EOS is positioned to C, there will be great benefits to the existing stock users. However, for new users,REX does not necessarily play a big role in promoting.

  • Gravity Comment:
    1)REX: Mortgaging the EOS to the resource Exchange in Exchange for the REX tokens, and you can obtain the EOS profits by holding the REX tokens from the rental of CPU and NET resources, purchase and sale of RAM fees, and so on.
    2)This is a good practice for long-term EOS holders to indirectly participate in ecological construction and gain profits by mortgaging idle EOS resources to the exchange.
    3)For the REX referendum, the results achieved may be more important than the results of whether REX passed.

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