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EOS9CAT would love to introduce our EOS wallet and dApp Store “Merkley” to you all. Here is a short video to showcase how our EOS Mobile wallet works including EOS token contract generation and deployment for a designated account on the fly!

This is EOS Mobile Wallet and a dApp store! We envision this also to be the dApp store on the smartphone. Any regular users can customize, deploy and run dApps without programming skills.

Watch Demo of Merkley - The dApp Store


  • Simplify smart contract generation and deployment
  • Become the leader of the smart contract industry
  • Close the gaps between blockchain technology and regular users


  • EOS mobile wallet
  • EOS smart contract template ecosystem

Contact/About Us

If you are an advanced blockchain user, feel free to use any of those tools that you are comfortable with.

If you like what we do and believe in EOS9CAT, vote for eosninecatbp! Waiting for your support. Have a question, send an email to us or visit our website.

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