eHarvestHub - Making Food Affordable & Accessible To All With Blockchain

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Hello my dear friends of blockchain, today I am gonna introduce you a delicius, an example for all, a benefactor project which is called The eHarvestHub!!!

Maybe you heart of new farming solutions like vertical farming without soil or smart farm models, solution for watering the large fields, making harvest faster than ever or genetically modifed organisms. Everything is for the future needs. But we need more food to be equal for everyone. Because our world is groving, number of people are increasing very fast but world is not getting bigger. Because of that, number of people, who are starving, are increasing too. In that case, what will we do for the future? First learn something about the food system.

How The Food System Currently Works?

Let's say a farmer gorws apples. The farmer harvests the apples and packed them up. Then distributers arrange for a truck to come and pick up the apples to drop off at one of their distribution centers. The apples travel all around the country, from one distribution center to another and another and another... Each time the apples go through a distribution center or broker the price to the consumergets marked up to pay for the middlemen and in fact most produce changes hands seven to 10 times before it actually hits the grocery store. That's a price hike each time how much of the grocery store priced is the farmer again just seventeen and a half cents on the dollar. So by the time the apples get to the grocery store. Who knows what farm they came from or how long they have been sitting in a truck. In this current system grocery stores and farmers are both largely dependent on distributors and brokers to get produce from the farm to you.

But eHarvestHub changes all of this giving farmers the power to find trucker that will deliver their produce straight to the grocery store. eHarvestHub's model takes out all of the middlemen leaving the price hiking distributors and brokers completely out of the picture and making food cheaper, fresher and more accessible to everybody.

Where in The World Are The Small Farmers?


As you can see in the picture, small farmers are all over the globe. Asia has the clear majority of farmers followed by Africa and Latin America. On the other hand, only twenty - five countries import more than $1 trillion of the world food production and sixty - six countries also rely on imported food.


Clearly, developed countries with high population and economic power drive food imports. For example, last year the U.S. imported more than $136 billion in fresh food, most of which came from the over 19 million farmers in Latin America. One of the main reason why the United States imports fresh food from Latin America is food safety. Many farmers in Latin America follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and similar or the same food safety practices as American growers.

Innovative Small Farmer Pilot Program Launches with eHarvestHub


eHarvestHub Platform has developed the World's Largest Fresh Food Marketplace where small farmers, independent truckers and gocers and truckers. The marketplace allows farmers to list their fresh produce, aggregate volume across multiple small farmers and provide grocers one location to shop from and still meet their volume demand. Farmers or grocers can then directly hire independent truckers, much like UBER does with passengers and drivers.

eHarvestHub removes the layers of middlemen enabling farmers to sell directly to grocers and increases their profits up to %60. Equally beneficial to grocer, they can lower their cost by %17 or more allowing them to pass some of the savings to consumers.

With a simple click, grocers have direct access to a farmer's inventory and manpower when sourcing fresh produce. Grocers can save up to %17 buying through the eHarvestHub's marketplace.





As you can see, eHarvestHub offering us right what we need, cheaper food for us. The project has started in 2011, so it has very solid bases to start with blockchain. Pre-ICO gonna start at June 12th 12:01 AM UTC 2018. I recommend you to join and make profit. Do not miss this chance.

Thanks for reading. Until we meet again...




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