Onecoin will definitely succeed

in blockchain •  7 months ago

Honestly, when I invested in Onelife Onecoin I had little idea on crypto currency but what I do when I make such haste decisions especially out of trust is to forget about the person that introduced me and do my own research.

I spent so much time researching on Onelife One Academy and Cryptocurrency Generally and this is what I found out.

Cryptocurrency has come to stay.

Onelifes move towards centralization is what most not all Cryptocurrencies will still buy into in the future for usability purpose just like ripple which is somehow centralized is moving forward to banking system.

Dealshaker, Onelife, Onecoin, all the names and concepts are awesome.

Dealshaker will shake the way deals are done in ecommerce space. You might not be gifted yet in seeing this but it must happen.

Trust any company that correlates their naming with there vision.

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