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From: Communication OMNIA

Date: October 9, 2018 4:52 PM

Subject: Trading Results & Market Update


We wanted to take a moment to discuss the state of the cryptocurrency market and its effect on trading. As well as, share how proud we are of the results our trading algorithm is delivering.

BTC volatility is at year-to-date lows. In short, it’s very stable as of late. Wonderful for Bitcoin, yet not so much for trading. Trading, above all requires volatility (fluctuation in value) to deliver expected results. This means the trading market has been less than average during this stable time. The great news, is that OMNIA’s trading algorithm has achieved remarkable results during this time and performs outstandingly even even in this difficult market environment.

From Forbes Magazine: “Both BTC volatility and spread between high and low prices at 30 min intervals are at year-to-date lows,” noted Eric Ervin, CEO of Blockforce Capital. He added that this “volatility has been trending downward since the middle of September, with the average volatility reading today (0.404) being the lowest its been all year.”
So, even though volatility has dropped dramatically in the last 2 weeks, we are pleased to announce a trading revenue of 1.22% for Bitcoin and 1.87% for Ether this week.

Our trading algorithm even outperforms the benchmark. This means, even in the worst environment, you can feel secure and confident in the results you and your team will experience. We invite you to share this great news with everyone you know.
Prosperous Regards & Happy Trading,

Your Team OMNIA

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