Elysian Partners with QUOINE for Token Generation Event

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Innovative blockchain-based E-commerce platform Elysian https://elycoin.io/ has partnered with global fintech company QUOINE to launch the Elysian token generation event on June 20.

Elysian allows merchants to build customized websites on its platform, and will integrate enhanced security and user experience. Elysian will use the proof-of-authority consensus mechanism to distribute data across a private network and prevent a single access point to protect from hackers, all using Ethereum’s private side-chain. In addition, the platform will utilize artificial intelligence and virtual reality components to create a revolutionary level of user engagement to lower bounce rates in E-commerce, which will ultimately generate a larger client base for merchants that launch their stores on the Elysian platform. This will convert to increased revenue.

QRYPTOS is QUOINE’s fully digital cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. QRYPTOS houses QUOINE’s ICO platform, a safe haven for token issuers and ICO participants to conduct and take part in token sales. QUOINE’s ICO platform is an end-to-end solution designed to help blockchain project teams conduct an ICO in a flexible, secure, transparent and scalable manner, while adhering to best practices of KYC and AML.

Users will soon find a link to the ICO landing page on QRYPTOS in the Elysian dashboard.

KYC on QRYPTOS will be necessary to take part in the Elysian TGE, and our list of restricted countries will still apply. The list of restricted countries is:

*United States
*North Korea

Elysian and QRYPTOS are committed to maintaining maximum transparency and responsible behavior during the token sale by implementing proper KYC and AML policies.

In addition, Elysian has confirmed a strategic partnership with QUOINE that will see the two sides cooperate in order to enhance the user experience of both communities. The Elysian token will be tradeable on the QRYPTOS exchange right after the sale, and will also be available on QUOINE’s forthcoming LIQUID platform, which will ultimately replace QUOINE’s QRYPTOS and QUOINEX exchanges. QASH token holders will be able to look forward to additional benefits on the Elysian platform.

The collaboration will help both sides to grow together. Elysian has already released several MVPs recently, including the mobile wallet and dashboard, for the public to view. Elysian aims to have a minimum of 1% of the total E-commerce market share by 2024 and this partnership will act as the foundation for a future that will experience rapid growth and mass adoption for not just both of these companies but also the blockchain industry as a whole.

Elysian — Qryptos landing page:

Important Elysian Links:

Website https://elycoin.io/

Telegram https://t.me/elysian_ely

Whitepaper https://elycoin.io/whitepaper/english

Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Elysian_ELY/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Elysian_ELY

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