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For all thepromise that surrounds blockchain technology, there still exist a gap between hyp and reality. A major barrier in the way of realizing blockchain potential is the absence of a clear pathfor creators to contribute in ways that are both simple and profitable. A situation where technology development is collaborative and democratized requires a foundation for participants to build upon.
Hyperbridge is planning this future by developing decentralized protocols for the deployment of next generation applications within industry specific "micro-economic". This will be facilitated through Blockhub, the protocol driven platform, which serves to unite producers and consumers. The first of these micro-economic will focus on the gaming industry.


  1. Absence of an ability to incentivize supporters: A common concern, or compliant, posed by gammers is that certain developers operate their game worlds in ways that require a constant outflow of money in order to prpgress, or to access complete functionality of a game.

  2. Insufficient opportunity for creativity and ingenuity: The gaming industry operates ona boom and bust cycle. Profits accrued from around twenty percent of the games cover the losses of the remaining 80%. In order to mitigate risk, large game publishers and distributors frequently revert to publishing hat is known as pre-sold property this includesgames and content that have an existing fan base and have been proven success.

Hyperbridge is a decentralized, smart contract that allows digital distribution platform that enables developers to quickly and easily take all of the necessary steps to successfully launch their creations. The gamers have the ability to become financiers in the projects of their choice and active participants in the entire project development process. Powered by blockchain technology and a native token, the platform facilitates the creation of direct economic relationships between developers and gamers , bringing into consideration the interests of all the most important stakeholders in the video-game industry.


Through various software development kits (SDKs) tool, and protocols embeded in blockhub, developers can manage the entirety of their project lifecycle from start to fininsh. These protocol provide the licencing, digital resource management(DRM), crowdfunding, and payment service needed for app to develop into business viable products. Listed below are some of the features of hyperbridge:

  • Create and manage unique digital assets and licenses
  • Permission digital rights and track their use
  • Incentivize promotion via bounties
  • Create and manage revenue mechanisms
  • Structure crowdfunding campaigns
  • Create and manage publishing identity
  • Create and manage project details

Listed below are some of the benefits that can be derived:


  1. Control: conviniently manage all currencies in our secure integrated wallet, explore, download and launch applications in a refined UI/UX that makes the complexity of transactions simple.
  2. Support: Crowdfund and gain early access and advantages to games and applications that they wish to support.


  1. Faster and lower fees: Decentralized means fewer paints of friction means fees are considerably lessthan the thirty percent charged by other app marketplaces and payment is not subject to arbitrary times and revenue thresholds.
  2. Increase gammer engagement: Bounty programs for promotion, bug bounties and product testing can easily be attached to projects so that developers and studies have a means to increase engagement while also driving project progress.


Users incentives are paid exclusively in HBX.
Stake HBX to vote in marketplace app polls( future development such as game character development, plotending/twistdevelopment) and to elect district leaders.
Pay fees for utilizing the Hyperbridge network.
participate in current and future micro-economics within Blockchub in order to achieve from the services provided by developers accessing the hyperbridge platform.

Hyperbridge protocols willbepowered by the HBX token, used to pay fees forutilizing the hyperbridge network and to incentiviz participants of the network and project suport actions such as curation and promotion. The HBX token is plan on the ERC20 standard. Blockchain and smart contract based tokens enable the perfect crowdfunding platform where tranches are released when agreed milestones have been reached. Blockchub willsuport a variety of tokens, however HBX will be use in a number of specific operations.

ERC20 ( Ethereum standard token).
Total number of HBX to be issued is 1,000,000,000units longterm non-inflationary.
HBX tokens are to be implemented on the public ethereum blockchain in accordance with the ERC20.
55% of issued tokens are intended to be sold and rest will be distributed among team and advisors, bounties, developer incentive plan and 10% will go to persistent token sale.

In conclusion, The game publishing model as it known, it is flawed, ineffecient and benefits few other than the top studios. Smaller studios and indie Developers who try to operate in the space face an uphill battle to simply get funded so that they can get their products development.

Useful Links:
Website: https://hyperbridge.org
WhitePaper: https://hyperbridge.org/whitepaper/
Telegram: https://t.me/hyperbridgechat
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HyperbridgeTech/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hyperbridge
Medium: https://medium.com/hyperbridge
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2627769

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