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A great many people have known about Bitcoin, the fundamental digital money and its potential. Yet, they have likewise perused about the dangers and day by day unpredictable developments. You may ask yourself, how might I advantage and take an interest in these great new instruments, and in the meantime limit my hazard? Blockchain innovation doesn’t need to exist freely. It can likewise exist secretly.

Budgetary organizations particularly are under colossal strain to show administrative consistence and many are presently pushing forward with blockchain executions. Secure arrangements, for example, blockchain can be a vital building square to lessen consistence costs. Blockchain innovation is more extensive than fund. The innovation can be connected to any multi-step exchange in which traceability and perceivability is required. An inventory network is a prominent utilize situation where blockchain can be utilized to oversee and sign contracts and review item provenance. The exponential and troublesome development of Blockchain will originate from the assembly of open and private blockchains to an environment where firms, clients and providers can work together in a protected, auditable and virtual way. With the importance elongated by block chain technology brought a distinguishable platform know as SECURIX. the next generation future benefits of mining.


EAN-2-EAN is another decentralized vitality exchanging stage. Supported by a stock recorded vitality organization and created by the startup EXE vitality. The progressive highlights of this stage enables us to enter the mind boggling vitality exchanging market without dealing with the budgetary boundaries regularly connected with these sorts of buys. By Using this stage, securix can buy efficient power vitality straightforwardly from sun powered and twist generators, without the requirement for exorbitant outsider specialist organizations. their vitality is conveyed essentially through the power framework. From the provider control association called EAN number to our EAN numbers. Sheltered and secure to our mining area. At Securix, they esteem the earth. where they have chosen to buy many vitality through the EAN-2-EAN stage. Through this activity, Securix is going for an expanded duty, maintainability, and gainfulness in their mining tasks.

This can only be done with the functionality of an exceptional team , they are team of blockchain experts, business specialists, IT developers, economists and investment experts with several decades of combined experience. What we have in common is a passion for business and block chain technology. their item depends on genuineness, manageability and reasonable income projections. Our group’s every day center is around improving, and acquainting more individuals with, the splendid universe of square chain innovation and on offering an approach to make an easy revenue. Each colleague has a straightforward identity and conveys in the commonly Dutch way: “Coming to the heart of the matter”

They are located in NETHERLANDS DATA CENTRE LOCATION OPERATION OFFICE Fintech-Capital B.V. Chamber of Commerce / License No.: 71204628 Legal Form: Private Company VAT number: NL 858621642B01 Website:

Token details

their token value is covered by the thousands of mining machines running in their facility. From each sold token, a token costs 1 USD. Up to 0.85 USD cents is used for purchasing mining hardware and electrical infrastructure upgrade. This means their token is backed by the acquired assets in our mining facility and has a real market value of 0,85 USD cents STABLE TOKEN PRICE Our token return on investment is calculated on an average year bitcoin price and is less effected by the volatile swings of the crypto market. Resulting in a stable token.


SRXIO will be listed on DCE Exchange Digital Currency Exchange A DCE is an exchange that enables people to trade cryptocurrencies after ICO in October.

Token specifications

Token owner SECURIX.IO

Token symbol SRXIO

Token type ERC20

Decimals 18 Single

Token price 1 SRXIO = 1 USD

Minimum investment = 100 SRXIO

Acceptance ETH (Ethereum) BTC (Bitcoin) BCH (Bitcoin cash) and USD

Pre-sale start date 04 August 2018

Pre-sale end date 06 September 2018

Pre-sale minimum buy-in 10,000

SRXIO = 10,000 USD or equivalent in ETH/BTC/BCH

Crowd sale start date 07 September 2018

Crowd sale end date 31 October 2018

Contract Owner 0xb444264c33eF3c8F9Ba46DF194826C22D54d0D12

Crowdsale participants 0x1216026d620562189d10C98278D3D7C373dDb5d4

Founders (locked for 12 months) 0xDD7F7dE0dC651940271f7a027E92a5ca6DE67B32 Research & Development 0x0092b8C894047f8A8C2a23E52ce47cCfA5C6b516

ICO Bounty Program 0xB692Ee46285C326226f3920A78d34450A7724b3f

Securix Solution to the world of mining

Most ICO’s don’t have a genuine item amid the crowdsale. They can change their vision and procedures. Securix has a genuine item and they have to keep up our digging office for their token holders to boost the yield. So following the guide is urgent for Securix, as the enthusiasm of the organizers are the same as every other person! They are additionally token holders and advantage from an exceptionally effective mining task. The crypto mining has an unmistakable future. As Securix we are needy of the mining market. Securix has a reasonable vision to augment yield by re-contributing and the buyback consuming project, which guarantees the best rate of profitability for the token holders. Up till now our rivals are utilizing a netto benefit based benefit split. As token holder you are paying the expenses. It tends to be indistinct what those expenses are as they are not uncovered. Our approach is one of a kind. We have a gross Revenue share! No concealed costs, every one of the dangers and expenses are the entrepreneurial dangers of Securix. After the Securix crowdsale we stay up with the latest with bulletins, and inapp news and updates from our mining office.


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