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Mobile devices and the Internet have changed the way of broadcasting music around the world. Most countries apply the method of paying royalties through state regulation to ensure that musicians and artists are compensated for using their performances.

For example, SoundExchange in the United States collects payments for online translation through the membership system for organizations ASCAP, BMI, Sesac Performance Rights. Large Internet radio networks monetized this valuable content through subscription systems, membership benefits and traditional broadcast advertising in an attempt to compensate for charges provided for by laws.

We created a model of online royalty payments with open source and peer-reviewed information, available worldwide through the system of a distributed ledger. This double ecosystem sign is called a cyber-FM "CJFM" marker and is called an "MFP" marker for the "mainstream on the metro."

Every online broadcast will equally protect each artist. Regardless of the representation and membership of PRO!
Each online radio station will be fully compatible at the world level in a decentralized environment.
CyberFM automatically refers to new, independent and future artists as if they are now on the radio. CyberFM levels the playing field for all online mediums!
Ensuring the permanent elimination of the "value gap", which is the greatest threat to the future sustainability of the music industry.

token is a cryptographic currency form that complies with regulatory requirements for performers currently registered with the local representation.
The MFTU token is similar, but it is the world's first truly digital, fair, legal and cryptographic rights performance organization for independent artists. Protecting your rights and payments around the world!
Both tokens are an ERC20 asset registered on the ETH block, used to create this universal payment system, which allows you to collect royalties for all performances at any time in all countries! The MFTU and CYFM tokens will also initially be used to supplement payments for online membership in the radio, credits for purchases in the application and registration fees.
This ecosystem is a universal, international currency that will compensate all artists and performers around the world! The above will be compensated regardless of individual membership in the relevant organization for performance rights. However, Additional benefits, rewards and income will be available when these participants fully accept our system.
The CYFM and MFTU tokens are a "broadcasting currency" that will be used within the ecosystem for listeners, fans and users. For example, listeners can win MFTU tokens in a radio contest, they can use tokens to purchase premium membership to skip songs, download on demand, commercial free streams and other benefits.
The smart contract implements the ERC-20 token standard using the OpenZeppelin libraries, which have been thoroughly tested and tested. In addition, the token contract was professionally verified by experts from Quantstamp.
CyberFM protects against all common attacks and stores only hashed passwords using bcrypt. The website traffic works completely through encrypted SSL / TLS (https). The source code was reviewed by third-party, independent security engineers. Hunter2 also reviewed the code base and provides ongoing security training for the engineering team to stay abreast of the best practices in the security field.

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