Workstation Blockchain Week!!!

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The WORKSTATION BLOCKCHAIN WEEK will be happening from 10th of September through 15th September 2018 and it promises to be an amazing and rewarding experience.
This event is organized by Cryset in collaboration with EOS Nigeria, Cryptohub, CryptoTV amongst others and it is going to be the first time Blockchain and Cryptocurrency education will be taught in a week long event.

I Feel Blessed!

What will you learn?

At the week long workshop which will have 2 sessions daily, attendees will learn "how to utilize Blockchain technology to generate wealth, create and improve on their careers and also kick start that business they have always desired to start."
We are presently in the age of the Blockchain and everything now seems compatible with Crypto and decentralization and it is with this in mind that Cryset together with EOS Nigeria are bringing the new reality to Nigerians in this week long workshop.


To be a part of this event, hurry and register at It is free, fast and promises to be rewarding.
Venue is, Workstation, 7 Ibiyinka Olorunbe, Victoria Island Lagos. This event promises to bring the Blockchain knowledge to you.

About the organizers/collaborators.

Cryset is a Blockchain education platform empowering Africa with Blockchain technology.
EOS Nigeria is Nigeria's foremost community driven Block Producer Candidate with a mission to build more than blocks through community participatory engagements.
Cryptohub is a platform that teaches Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment.
CryptoTV is Nigeria's foremost Crypto TV platform that gives you news about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency use and adoption.

If you are in Lagos and environ, make it to this event and learn with the pros, as there is a long list of speakers from various tech sectors.

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I'll love to be apart of this workshop. I live in Lagos

I wish to be a part of the workshop, I just hope and pray all things work in line for me...
Thanks for sharing boss @ejemai...

Lovely. In SA at the moment. Hope to make it down.

thanks for sharing the great news :)

Definitely, going to be a part of this program ...
Thanks for sharing @ejemai