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There have been changes in our economy, societies, and business relationships recently due to the zoom of Blockchain technology and the rise of diversified protocols on cryptocurrency. And this has led traders and startup projects, to an incredible opportunity. The cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure that supports them had flaws exposed amid the boon. Which are:
Frequent outages and commercialism delays
Hackers’ constant attack on trading platforms.
Lack of policy transparency, wearing the trust of their users.
Beginners’ face confusion with advanced knowledge, figures, and charts, and skilled trader’s faces plagued of manipulated knowledge, spillages, delays, and restricted tools in doing trade.

The above listed challenges coupled with a survey carried out, led to SynchroBit™. A world cluster of consultants from varied sectors such as digital assets commercialism, Blockchain, programming, cybersecurity, digital selling, money services, and investment advisors designed and produce the users with innovative solutions and tools to attenuate their risks and maximize their ROIs.

SynchroBit™ is hybrid digital assets commercialism platform that allows the users to trade various types of tradable assets and funds, cryptocurrencies, futures, options, stocks, currencies, which has introduced monetary freedom, responsibility, and transparency supported by blockchain technology. It combines the advantages of a centralized commercialism exchange and decentralized one (DEX). PoSync is the main technology of SYNCHRONIUM which Synchrobit depend on.

*To bring an easy, fast, cheap and smart digital assets trade and investment platform that has ever been seen.
*It's an opportunity to trade and invest your desired cryptocurrencies, ICOs, digital assets and other tradable assets.
*Peer-to-Peer (P2P) commercialism platform on which users interact with one another anonymously
*Reduces the commercialism fees, by introducing its token, SynchroBit Coin (SNB) token, this makes commercialism fees zero. And the generated funds from the token will be use for the continuous development of the platform.
*To attenuate the traditional boundaries and supply its users with a comprehensive platform for commercialism various types of digital assets across multiple trading ways
*To Integrate customer support and services (ICSS)
Provide unlimited support and accessibility via phones, live chat and crm systems
*It enables users to have real Crypto Wallets for all major cryptocurrencies that they can add new crypto addresses every twenty-four hours which have high security and privacy

SynchroBit™ has high speed which makes its capable of handling 1,000,000 transactions per second.
A SynchroBit™ market has different assets and increased liquidity due to the variety implore in the platform design, which has lead to more profitability. All other digital assets are often listed on this distinctive platform.

The market has always desired a paradigm shift from its usual way of operation and that was what SynchroBit™ introduced. It has provided a large range of innovative solutions and value-added services to its valuable users. And also the strength and foundation to other modules of the ecosystem. There is an integration between the exchange and other financial platforms of SynchroSphere® to enable a reliable and better customer experience and secure business environment.


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