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There are certain features that marks a sharp contrast between this platform and other ones available. The features are the main components or structures that makes this platform a lot more acceptable to the users and in this article, we will be discussing some of those features you should look out for as you walk your way towards using BDAM.


1: The first is the smart contracts that are so powerful and unchangeable in their pattern of operation. The smart contracts would maintain the same logic and no one would be able to modify any fund of users in the exchange, not even the owners themselves.

2: All the operations are done on the blockchain, it exhibits all the advantages of a true decentralized platform and have its smart contracts working perfectly on the EOS network as a friendly network that is secured, transparent and very reliable for any trader to trust.

3: This platform goes deeper in the precision especially when tokens are concerned. It supports the use or buying of tokens whose price is as small as 0.00000001 and that means users can purchase any token early enough no matter how small unlike on other exchanges.

4: The scalability is commendable as it can handle large trading volumes with the same speed and accuracy in its performance on the cutting edge. It has been tested for this and has proved beyond reasonable doubt to be strong enough for such. Since its operates using a limitless distributed technology, it allows expansion when large volumes are traded without consolidating different processes but making all work independently as they should without lagging. So I can proudly say it is highly scalable.

5: The downtime is never above zero and all forms of hack donot exist as they are all eliminated. Privacy is supported in the ecosystem and all issues associated with the use of funds and their control are prevented to a point where users can use their funds and keep them in their wallet when not in use. Its trades are verifiable and legal on the blockchain so there can never be an illegal transaction.

6: The platform has provided a means for everyone to trade and be convenient without KYC. You can trade expressively without having to deposit anything at all. Then as a trader, you can subscribe to the Beta package of BDAM where all your trades can be done free from transaction charges as opposed to the regular package when little transaction fees are charged.

7: With the scalability of BDAM, it can handle as many transactions per seconds and will do even more with time especially when doing the overload trade margin.



As a user of this platform, endeavor to purchase the BDAM token so as to enjoy bonuses that would be given to the token holders. So, as you use cryptocurrencies, you would also get to use fiats and also enjoy 24hours of service with top notch security that cannot fail. You can choose the type of order to place and place a judgement on how you want to use your funds without restrictions to the payments you make to others.

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