KYC & Whitelist Scoring System - Part One

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Hello, DxChain supporters!
The public token sale registration has started at 12:00:00 pm on 2018/07/09 (PST). Please start a private message with official DxChain bot @dxchainbot to access the token sale registration (KYC).
The KYC process will last for 2–3 weeks. Due to the increasing interest and participation in DxChain's public sale, it may take significantly more time to review all the documents and update everyone's KYC status. Please check your KYC status 3–15 days after the submission of your documents.
Once you have submitted the registration form, you can start to do whitelist tasks and to increase your whitelist score!!
The whitelist scoring system is designed to provide supporters who really care and contribute to DxChain community more opportunities to get involved in the public sale. The higher score, the higher the probability that one can join the public sale. A probabilistic approach will be used to make the token distribution as fair as possible, and detailed information will be released soon.

KYC Process

  1. Talk to the official DxChain bot @dxchainbot, click "token sale" and then click "token sale registration" to open the KYC form.
  2. Fill in the KYC form following instructions and submit it.
  3. Check your KYC status by @dxchainbot. (It may take 3–15 days to get the review result.)
    Watch the Instructional Video on Youtube:

*Due to legal constraints, participation in the public token sale is restricted in the following countries and regions: the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, People's Republic of China, Cuba, North Korea, Serbia, Tunisia, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Congo, South Sudan, Sudan (north), Sudan (Darfur), Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ethiopia, Yemen, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela.

Whitelist Scoring System

*Period: 12:00:00 pm on 2018/07/09 (PST) - end of the KYC day (2–3 weeks, depending on the KYC process).
1. Pass KYC (score +1)
All supporters who want to participate in the public sale will have to pass the KYC. Ultimately, any supporters who fail to pass the KYC verification will not be selected in the whitelist for the public sale. Please check your KYC verification status by @dxchainbot 3–15 days after the submission of your documents.
Your score will be updated when you pass the KYC.

2. Refer friends & When they pass KYC (Score +2 per friend, Maximum +10)
a) Get your referral link from @dxchainbot and share it with your friends
b) The score will be added to your balance once your friends join by your referral link and pass the KYC
*The maximum score you can earn by referring friends is 10.

3. Follow Twitter & Retweet (Score +2)
a) Start the Twitter task, follow @dxchainnetwork on Twitter
b) Press the Step 2 button, retweet the message
c) Press the step 3 button, send back your retweet link to @DxChainbot.
Your score will be updated within 1 day.

4. Subscribe YouTube & Like the official video (Score +2)
a) Start the YouTube task, subscribe to the DxChain YouTube Channel
b) Watch and like the video
c) Press the Step 3 button, send proof of completion via screenshot of the whole page
(Note: the screenshot should contain the video, title of the video, the "Subscribed" button, your thumb-up and your YouTube account.)
Your score will be updated within 7 days.

More whitelist tasks will be released soon! Please stay tuned to the DxChain News (


With regards to DxChain:
A Decentralized Big Data and Machine Learning Network Powered by a Computing-Centric Blockchain.

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This looks like a good decision to release the promotion points step by step, not like spakrkster ico. Going to be the one of the best icos of the time

" # 2. Refer friends & When they pass KYC (Score +2 per friend, Maximum +10)"

This is pretty much an unworkable scenario, in my opinion. I have hundreds of contacts in my address book and only 5 of them have a Telegram. Out of those only 1 is into cryptos!
Can't see many people scoring points with this, unless they are very young and all their friends are techies that use Telegram AND are loaded, AND have an interest on DxChain. Come on, what are the chances?
In my opinion this step must be re-considered and potentially scrapped.

Well written and hope real efforts of people pay off. Have compiled more details on Dxchain. Please have a look and your upvote is more appreciated