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In addition to my love of creativity - which manifests itself through my music and my fiction writing, as well as my DrWom activity here on Steemit, I am also (at least in part) a policy wonk. And, yes, policy (a place where ideas get turned into reality) can be a highly creative place.

And, while I haven't watched the whole discussion, something Brendan Blumer said recently at the 2019 Blockchain Summit in Washington DC has really sparked my interest in that regard.


The gist of what he said was that in the future, governments will be a platform provider - meaning their upteched version of fiat currency (based on blockchain and presumably EOS) will itself be a platform with built in regulatory limits and scope. The sky is the limit. Such a platform would enable the creation of businesses and endeavours which would be incapable of acting illegally. Automated record keeping would be just the beginning.

There will be much more to come on this idea, once we have had a chance to unpick it and think it through.

But for governments, this offers creative policy makers an opportunity to find some solutions to previously intractable problems.

Watch this space!

May all beings be happy.

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Always love your analysis sir :) I dont much understand how blockchain system, but step by step I learn how to make a relation dan discussion about it.

Thanks Khaimi
I hope I help 🙃