End of the World, Nostradamus and Blockchain. What do they have in common?

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In 1555, Michel de Nôtre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus, published the first volume of his Prophecies. Until now we thought they were a handful of failed predictions halfway between modern charlatanism and apocalyptic delusions. But we were wrong. Nostradamus was right and we do not say it, science says.

Specifically, a collaboration of 27 of the best universities in the world, 14 national security agencies, an expert in literature and an amateur cryptographer. A few hours ago, A. R. Amis and F. U. Ster, coordinators of the research, have published in the journal Nature the details of one of the best kept mysteries of universal history.

As you have already seen in all the media of reference, Nostradamus hit, the end of the world begins now and in Engadget we have understood that it is time to stop talking about pots of a thousand euros. The important thing is going to be survive.

What are the Nostradamus Prophecies?

Statue to Nostradamus

In recent years, the efforts of researchers have made us discover very surprising things. Archimedes' "method of mechanical theorems", believed to be lost, was found in a prayer book more than a thousand years old. An extremely precise trigonometric method was discovered on a 3800-year-old tablet. Now it seems logical that at some point someone discovered what was behind the strange verses of Nostradamus.

Amis, an expert in science fiction literature, and Ster, a former professor of Hungarian cryptography who worked as a cook, used the Hoffmann method (an advanced cryptographic system developed in the 30s of the 20th century, but popularized in the 1960s) to find the patterns that relate the prophecies of the French astrologer with the facts of the real world.

In the process, the international team coordinated by Amis and Ster discovered something disturbing. Traditionally, the interpreters of Nostradamus considered that the end of the world corresponded to 3797. The new results indicate that, in fact, the year is 2017. The press conference within a few hours will leave no doubt: today begins the end of the world.

How have we discovered it?

A. R. Amis and F. U. Ster during the public presentation of the Nostradamus code

"In reality, Nostradamus is not only the first psychohistorian in history, but one of the pioneers of modern cryptography. He discovered the asymmetric key system 400 years before Diffie and Hellman. And not only that: he hid it in plain sight, "Amis receives Xataka at his summer house in Cabrejas del Pinar, province of Soria, where he was his maternal grandmother.

"Nostradamus is not only the first psychohistorian in history, but one of the pioneers of modern cryptography"

"I met Ster by chance. In what universe were we going to match a cryptographer and an expert on Nostradamus? But it so happened that Ster set up his hot dog stand in front of the faculty cafeteria and one day, chatting, we came up with the idea. " The idea referred to by Amis was so provocative that he was about to be expelled from the University of North Dakota at Stanley: "We used forensic linguistics and found the key: his literary style coincided with another great unknown."

Cryptography based on blockchain


In the article in the journal Nature they explain that the key was found almost by accident. They realized that one of the centuries (the term used by Nostradamus in his Prophecies) was especially dedicated to money. The one of the year 2009. This was the text in question.

On the canyon of the respiratory floor,
Halfway through strangers repelled:
It will take Diana for her day and rest:
Navel of the world the greatest surrogate voice.
Saturn in the Twirling Arc of the Mars Fish
Made in Lyon on the Celtic Eagle:
And releasing a great tax town.
Never more horror could count the days,
Approaching near the submerged island:
How many times out of the enemy river expelled,
Burning torch in the sky will be seen at night,
Very close to the Tiber next to the Libitina,
Oh blood Trojan Death in the port of the arrow!
Roman Terror that interpreted augury.
He occupied Provence for holding a great band.

>Sobre el cañón del respiral suelo, A medio camino por desconocidos repelido: Tomará a Diana por su día y descanso: Ombligo del mundo la más grande voz subrogada. Saturno en el Arco girando del pez Marte Hecha en Lyon sobre el Águila Celta: Y liberando un gran pueblo de impuestos. Nunca más horror pudieron contar las jornadas, Acercándose cerca de la Isla sumergida: Cuantas veces fuera del río enemigo expulsado, Antorcha ardiendo en el cielo será vista de noche, Muy cerca del Tiber junto a la Libitina, ¡Oh sangre Troyana Muerte en el puerto de la flecha! Terror Romano que interpretó augurio. Ocupaba Provenza por sostener gran banda.

The key was in the acrostic. The team realized that the verses formed a very specific word: "S-A-T-O S-H-Y-N A-C-A-M O-T-O". Satoshi Nakamotoes, as is well known, the creator of BitCoin. How were both terms related? It is not clear, but the researchers used it as a sort of interpretive key. It was an act of faith.

"According to our calculations, the end of the world will be on Tuesday at 4:00 pm, but we do not know what Tuesday," A. R. Amis explained.

From that moment, Amis and Ster developed "an AI with machine learning that uses blockchain and graphene processors that has revealed the true meaning". That's where international collaboration comes in. They would not have been able to discover when the end of the world was going to be. "When will it be?", We asked. "According to our calculations, the end of the world will be Tuesday at 4:00 pm, but we do not know which Tuesday.

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