Search Giant Baidu Now Has Its Own Blockchain-As-A-Service Platform

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You may have heard about Baidu, the Chinese search engine giant, in the context of, well, online search, but what you may not know is that the company is also eyeing blockchain, as a technology.

Following in the footsteps of another Chinese mammoth, Tencent, Baidu announced their own blockchain-as-a-service platform, available at (Chinese content). The solution enables users to create, launch and manage their own blockchain based solution. The solutions include, as you may have already guessed, but are not limited to: cryptocurrencies, billing or any other types of digital assets (like in-game currencies).

Baidu is not even remotely among the first actors in this area (Microsoft Azure offers that for quite some time now) and it doesn't mean they are mining Bitcoin with that :) It means they are offering a development platform using blockchain, for whoever wants to develop such an application.

The news is still intriguing, though, if we put it in the context of the recent information about big Bitcoin miners canceling operations or starting to relocate from China. It may mean that, while still considering blockchain a promising technology, the speculative arm of it is not well seen by the Big Brother's eyes in Beijing.

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Everyone wants to go into block chain these days. I probably one of the 0.001% of people that don't really understand what it's about. Lol


Oh, I am certain that we are the 99%. I reckon most investors in blockchain based opportunities understand little more than that there is a speculative investment that offers potentially spectacular returns.


Then it would seem investors are more like ponzi hunters.


Speculation doesn't necessarily depend on Ponzi schemes. It just can't differentiate between Ponzi schemes and sound investments. Speculation doesn't care about the difference, only about profits.


Well if put like that, makes so much sense

Next thing Baidu will produce their tokens )

Where there is will there is a way. Too many smart and focus minded people for the government to stop. Blockchain is here to stay no matter what. Thanks for the info.

What is it based on?
If it is just a blockchain, it could be linux hyperledger, they are Partner of the foundation.


Don't know the technical details, but I'll bet on Hyperledger.

Nice post beautiful presented and explained. detail oriented with nice information. thank you for sharing

This is a welcome development.

Gets easier to launch scams, fake coins, forks...

Everything will be on the block chain one day

maybe next there will be baiducoin, nice info.

block chain is the only future left for all big tech giants