OriginTrail - Worlds first Blockchain agnostic decentralised supply chain solution with focus on food, medical and luxury industry.

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Winner of Walmart 2017 Food Safety Innovation Award OriginTrail starts agnostic blockchain supply chain protocol.

Trust is important and especially in Retail when it comes to the quality of Food or when it comes to medicine or luxury goods. Tainted and contaminated Food are a known problem in the retail and restaurant industry such as are the problems with fake medicine and as well luxury goods.

This is what OriginTrail wants to solve with its Supply chain based Protocol on the Blockchain. The unique thing is, that OriginTrail solves this in a very new and clever way as its solution will be useable with each Blockchain Platform based technology which allows any form of SmartContract be it rather the very popular Ethereum, NEO or Ardor it will be as well usable with upcoming blockchains such as Cardano or even EOS or IOTA.


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Seems like a solid idea. Walmart is a big company, if they manage to somehow actually implement this it would be very good to bring in money to crypto.


What be awesome - i agree on that as well


Would be*

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