The Perfect Blockchain Articles - In Reaction to EOS

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The essence of true Freedom is Autonomy. This document therefore strives to enshrine Autonomy as a defined set of principles, set forth herein as Articles. Readers may want to take these Articles as advice about blockchain usage, reference them to guide a philosophy, or in the spirit of Autonomy, ignore these Articles altogether.

Article I - Violence

Users of this Blockchain shall be forewarned to protect themselves from violence. One type of protection is Anonymity, or if Anonymity is compromised, by maintaining real property with sufficient fortification to repel onslaught, including onslaughts perpetuated by governments in the name of "freedom", "security", or "justice".

Article II - Truth

Users hereby recognize that Truth is a function of License. In some cases, the blockchain may act as an Oracle. Therefore, the Protocol may have reputation systems or other mechanisms that encourage faithful contribution to the Oracle.

Article III - Rights and License

Rights and License are hereby ascribed by Possession of private keys, which users should protect against compromise.

Article IV - Vote Buying

Votes may be bought and sold, like any other license that is tokenized on the Blockchain.

Article V - Fiduciary

The Blockchain and all assets thereupon are the property of the individual owners who have no responsibility to any other owner except for private agreements, which are not in any way the concern of the public Blockchain. Users may own as much of any Blockchain asset as they can.

Article VI - Restitution

Do what thy wilt, but be warned that the Blockchain has no mechanism for restitution.

Article VII - Copyright Protection

Any developer writing a contract or any code used on this Blockchain may want to seek copyright protection wherein such protection is subject to the laws of the jurisdiction under which the copyright is obtained. If one seeks copyright protection, please observe that one may have to forego the protection of Anonymity to secure copyright protection.

Article IX - Language

These Articles are written in English. The author, being a native English speaker, and having limited linguistic aptitude, hopes others will also use English, but has no power to enforce this request.

Article X - Skipped

We are going to skip this one, following the lead of EOS

Article XII - Dispute Resolution

Caveat emptor.

Article XIV - Choice of Law

The Law of the Jungle shall prevail and therefore Order is not guaranteed except as specified in the Protocol. See Article XII, and take as evidence our, and EOS's, loose interpretation of numerical Ordering with respect to these Articles.

Article XIII - Amending

These Articles afford no rights, provide no protection, and cannot be enforced. It therefore makes no sense to amend these Articles, as any new Articles will also afford no rights, provide no protection, and cannot be enforced.

Article XV - Publishing

Members may publish anything to the blockchain that they wish. Be advised, however, that individual block producers are Autonomous and therefore have the capacity to censor any transaction they wish.

Article - Informed Consent

This article is so important it doesn't even have a number. Users are advised to understand how the Protocol behaves, and by Using the Protocol, implicitly understand and consent to its behavior.

Article XVI - Severability

Any or all of these Articles are severable, and the rest shall retain the property of being unenforceable.

Article XVII - The Holy Article: No Termination of Rights and License

This Article shall be called "The Holy Article", or "The Golden Article", or "The Lord's Article". Users shall retain all Rights and License specified by the Protocol as long as the Blockchain is functional. Rights and License are assigned to public keys, which are derived from private keys. Public keys will NEVER be re-assigned for any reason, except where the Protocol specifies and by a signature from the legitimate private key that has authority to transfer said Rights and License to a different public key.

Article XVIII - Developer Liability

Developers are advised to act lawfully and in good faith. Any liability shall be decided by the appropriate legal proceedings, initiated outside the Protocol.

Article XIX - Consideration

These articles guarantee no rights, nor do they subject anyone to any obligations.

Article XX - Acceptance

Users implicitly accept the behavior of the Protocol and are therefore advised to understand the Protocol before using it.

Article XX - Counterparts

In as much as the Protocol specifies it, any duplicates of the blockchain shall be deemed valid. To underscore this point, we duplicated the numbering for this Article.

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It's like the perfect country and western song, except for blockchain articles.

Enjoyed these articles. Nice to see your view solidly. Thanks.