VID: Disrupting The Social Media Landscape With Blockchain Technology

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The Challenges

No doubt, existing social media landscape has numerous challenges which seems to have no solutions whatsoever. One of this problems include censorship, bot and fake news problems.

We can't talk about social media censorship without having Twitter at the forefront of the debacle. Though they described themselves as “free speech wing of the free speech party” it has hardly been so. They've blacklisted or suspended every users that does not share their ideology or political agendas.

I have been a victim of such scheme as two of my Twitter accounts were suspended indefinitely in early 2018 due to my constant posts about cryptocurrency and blockchain. This is how far they go in curbing free speech.

Fake news is also an issue. There have been several times where bot accounts spread false information and mislead individuals. Often, bots allow low quality or credibility stories goes viral.

Since these problems have been persistent, we sure need to take a massive step towards curbing and eliminating them. Integrating the blockchain technology will eradicate these issues and at the forefront of this disruption is VID!!

What Is VID? The Solution

Vid is a AI video journal application that focuses on privacy and enables you to remember your life and get incentives for your memories.

The concept behind this initiative is that Vid understands the significance of freedom of speech and also keeping bots and fake news off so as to have genuine information always. This is why they are deploying the blockchain technology in order to give their users the best experience possible by documenting their life’s story for them and making it accessible to them at any time they want.

Why You Should Embrace VID

Embracing Vid is the best thing you can do because they actually care about you and know the importance of your memories unlike existing social media landscape.

One of this importance is Nostalgia. Being a human being, we sometimes have a sentimental feeling to yearn for our past; mainly happy memories as they help us drift away from the pain of reality and doubts about our future. Various social media platforms have a means to which they portray this Nostalgia to their users especially Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
Vid is looking to carve a whole new route in the Nostalgia industry than these existing social media platforms are using. They will deploy an AI which will collect metadata from popular applications users have on their phones and create a video package which sums up all their activities for that day. The video journal will detail everything in a little package.

This video journal is auto generated which means you don't need to do anything to compile your memories. You also have the full permission to make these memories public or private.

VID Exciting Features That Will Thrill You

Decentralization: This being a core idea of the blockchain technology, Vid will create a censorship resistant platform where no single entity owns all the data. Power is distributed evenly among users.

Privacy: While leveraging on the viable blockchain technology, Vid will integrate zero knowledge encryption within its platform thereby ensuring Users privacy. With this encryption, users can allow the app to access data knowing fully well that VID itself can't access them. This ensures they have full ownership of their data and it's theirs alone.

Memories Monetization: On the VID platform, you can monetize your memories. This happens when you make a memory public and the content involves a specific brand. The brand will then have the opportunity to add a swipe up link to that memory provided you choose to monetize the memory. Revenue generated from these brands are pocketed by you. All of it!!

VID Token: This is an advertiser credit. Its allows brands to advertise on the VID platform. Content creators earn this token base on their content views count while users get this tokens via memory monetization.


VID is the best placed project to cause social media disruption and being a blockchain project with viable use cases will make it carve out a unique niche for itself. Being the first revenue generational model that will empower content/memory creators to have full control over the revenue, it gives them additional advantage in the market.

It's going to be a major success!!!

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