Crypto Malaysia - MCash Chain In a Nutshell (Ep7)

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I am the Chief Evangelist for and also MCash Chain as it is a Project in the Midas Ecosystem MCash Chain is a 3rd generation scalable zero-fee privacy optional smart contract platform - enabling a frictionless digital economy. Instant transactions with lightning, 64 Supernodes, 3 seconds blockchain, 10,000 tps and 50,000tps end of year with sharding, 4 level staking, etc.

Featured websites:

Website: Explorer: Telegram : Twitter:@mcashchain Coingecko:

MCash Chain Youtube Channel channel/UCvc_. Ecosystem Overview : view-o... MCash x Coolbit X : midas-w.. MCash x Campus+ : midas-p.. MCash Light Browser Wallet: mcashchain/mcashli... MCash x KhoiNgiep: betw..
MCash x Moneypool : develo... MCash x Gemmob : developme.. MCash One Stop Service for Projects : https://

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