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Power consumption is a very vital aspect of human endeavour. Electricity is very vital to the extents that a man can't do without it. Even the development of the industrial sector of a nation rests on how reliable their electricity supply was.
Based on this fact, any country that handles the power issue with a levity hand are away industrially behind.
There are numerous problems which battle the global electricity supply which has prevented the maximum enjoyment that is supposed to be derived from the power sector. Some of which includes; power instability, lack of transparency in the aspect of power consumption rate and so on.
All these problems are the reason for the need for a change of system of this aspect of the economy from the usual centralised method to a decentralised one.


Serenity source is a medium which provides the needed redefinition of how we access electricity. The focus of this redefinition is to ensure the combination of blockchain technology and sector of renewable energy for the revolution of the generation and trading of electricity and cabin credit monetization.
The model of serenity is constructed majorly for the sales of energy using this blockchain-enabled medium. This medium will have a connection with several country federal operator of electricity for balanced electricity demand and supply and also provide the substation level responds for the enjoyment of the citizens.


Identified reasons for the need of a change of system are as follow;

  1. Little source of electricity
    Due to the current growth of the global population, the source of electricity generation is fast becoming insufficient. There are just coal, nuclear, hydro and gas source of electricity which is far become low to the geometrical increase of the world's population.

  2. Unstable Currents Voltage
    There is a need for a balanced electricity grid. This implies that, the rate at which electricity is generated is supposed to be the same as its corresponding load. Any deviation from this will result in either high or low voltage current which always has a negative impact on our appliances and electric gadgets.


All the approaches to tackle these problems are all packaged in the Serenity business model. Therefore this model contains;

  1. The retail of energy
    Serenity price for both the wholesale and the retails will be insignificantly different. This service involves the sale of electricity at the resale categories. The piece of electricity at the retailing stage will be less compared to the current resaler in the power sector.
    The currency retailing service is successful because the serenity has gotten access to the wholesale market pricing to determine the price that will be best for consumers and also via the adoption of automated blockchain technology.

  2. Production of Renewable Energy
    For investors to enjoy the production of energy from renewable energy, serenity will support the production of energy from wind sun and battery farms. The serenity will as well include resources that have the prosumer capacity to the serenity generator. This will enhance round the clock supply of power.

For an absolute enjoyment of power, you cannot but consider Serenity as it is the best option for that.

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