Digital Gold Empowers individuals to Make Gold-Backed Payments on Blockchain

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The situation of things in the crypto-sphere is changing for the better. The launch of many revolutionary projects promises to be the hallmark of a new beginning for the once fragmented cryptocurrency. Now, the fortunes of these are set to change, especially with the feasible approach used by Digital Gold.

   What is Digital Gold?

It is a crypto coin with a different conception. It is so-affirmed because of the revolutionary step it took to bring about the long-lasting influence on the value of cryptocurrencies. Ideally, the coin took two significant steps to achieve the milestone. That is the use of a Gold-backed asset. The other is the possibility of deriving stablecoins from the said asset. To that end, investors are confident that the hitherto volatile nature of crypto coins may not be rampant on Digital Gold.
On that note, I am pleased to be the anchor that would introduce to you, the great features that this project has to offer to the greater community of cryptocurrency users.

  The Stability of Gold and Digital Gold’s Digitalization Policy

It is no news that gold is one of the assets that help the owners/investors to maintain value for a long time. That informs the reason why Digital Gold opted to create a variant of this on the blockchain.
Through this approach, it aims at fast-tracking the digitalization policy that seeks to entrust more powers to end-users. Also, investors have the assurance that their ERC-20 based GOLD token would help them retain the value of the respective crypto coins.
It is a significant milestone for the crypto community. Ideally, the project has a vault where FINE Gold is stored. For instance, each GOLD token equals I gram of FINE Gold. With that, investors that purchase the GOLD token can get the equivalent of the fiat variant of the asset.

   The Role of Blockchain

The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is famous for the multiple roles it plays in both the real world and digital spheres. Digital Gold takes advantage of its immutability and decentralized approach to ensure transparency of transactions and security of assets on its blockchain.
Besides, the use of blockchain helps to remove intermediaries that early called the shots in the real-world perspective. The same applies to the seamless execution of contracts and low fees attached to the whole activity.

     Features of Digital Gold

You may now be wondering about why you should port your assets to Digital Gold. I’ll give some of the reasons. Below are the working frameworks that make the platform one of the best stablecoin platforms you can get in the crypto-sphere.
● Low Fees
Investors don't fancy the idea of paying high fees for transactions. Hence, the small service costs on Digital Gold are an offer you can't afford to resist. That is just as it allows you to make as many transactions as you want without paying additional/transfer fees.
● Security of Assets
Aside from the security assurances of blockchain, Digital Gold investors are also confident of their assets’ security. That is on the heels of the physical gold backing that makes it feasible for investors.
● Privacy
It would interest you to know that the identities of users on the Digital Gold blockchain are private. Ideally, the platform allows you to purchase the GOLD-backed asset without compromising on your personal information. The same scenario plays out when selling your asset – you only need to provide a dedicated/private wallet address to facilitate the transaction.

 Token Information

Ticker: DG
Role of Token: Utility
Exchange Rate: 1 DG = $0.1000 USD
Country of Registration: Hong Kong


Cryptocurrencies are continually evolving. The GOLD-backed formulation of Digital Gold is a step in the right direction. In the future, it would help investors, and indeed the crypto community has full control over the value of their assets, even in bearish markets.
I don't have a doubt about the future tendencies of this project. Gold is one asset that doesn't trigger much diminishing returns but rather increases over time. On that note, I am confident that Digital Gold would achieve its milestones and even do better in the coming months.


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