My Speech at The Casino Esports Conference at The Luxor Casino in Las Vegas. 9/5/18

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In this video I talk about the future of blockchain and esports on behalf of NLOS (formerly known as NLC)

On vacation but will get back to my weekly videos next week.

As far as the current market goes, if I was home I would be buying Steem with both hands at this price. I believe we are at the bottom or very close to it, barring any crazy outside events.

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keep up the good work m8

Cool to have your insights about the future blockchain and crypto. There are indeed many countries suffering from inflation. Fiat currency is for sure no future. HODL!

Wow! That was a really awesome talk!

Nice speech Dan!

Good stuff man. Your video presentations translate well to public speaking.

That's how you do it. Representin' Crypto! 💯

Yep... nailed it again!

I am gonna listen the whole speech tomorrow. Now only did one minute! Our #steemsilvergold group here on steemit is plannng a vegas meeting! (Like that movie it will be ; the hangover)

Bah looks like I’ll just miss it, left Vegas on Tuesday and now in Pittsburgh.

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Hope you are correct about the bottom, as it is sinking faster than the titanic.

I could be wrong, but I am very confident we have reached the bottom.

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What is CNBC tweeting? We'll know for sure then 😁

They were bullish :( haha

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Oh shit 😁

The man. The myth. The legend.

As much as this year has been a downer for the crypto market we are on the verge of history in many aspects. We will tell our children about these days. So many huge things about to drop!