EOS UnConference in London

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Here are a few points which were brought up during the EOS UnConference in London.

One topic of importance mentioned was about keeping one's tokens staked because it puts your tokens in a form of safe mode.
Eric, from EOSweden, spoke about the Hacker Crypto problem and explained how he fixed the issue earlier in the day. Thanks Eric! Also, Eric discussed the overall safety aspect of keeping one's tokens staked.

At the conference, the community split into four different groups. I decided to join the governance group (because I am interested in learning more about how EOS will handle different aspects of governance).

Here are a few of the EOS governance topics which were discussed:

    1. Referendum & Proxy voting:

Right now EOS requires 15% of tokens for a referendum.
However, there were some of the counter-arguments:
-Not enough clarity. Doesn’t say if they need to be active tokens.
-Need to hear more from what the community wants before a referendum is made.

Allowing proxies to vote.
Proxy voting for referendum makes a lot of sense according to EOS Cafe and it’s allowed.
If you have votes delegated to a proxy then you don’t vote straight to a referendum.

The issue right now is the first steps of the referendum — deciding the number of votes needed. Overall, a lot of input is needed is still needed for the community governance of EOS.

*Look for the working EOS governance channels in the future.

2. Transparency:

EOS needs to continue to share more underlying transparency so there is less overall fear in the community.

More Transparency = More Trust

Shout out to CypherGlass for opening up about the importance of transparency and encouraging the community to do the same.

3. The Growing EOS Community: 

There are new innovations on the EOS blockchain which have the potential to revolutionize the entire world, this is why it is important to educate as many people as possible about how the present blockchain will change our future.

We are entering into a new technological era which has the potential to grow the trust between P2P transactions. This will allow individuals around the world to have the ability to freely trade, communicate, and authorize agreements through a securely automized agreement.

One thing we need to educate others about is the difference between the terms "blockchain" and "cryptocurrencies". A blockchain can provide the framework for a cryptocurrency, but it can also provide a framework for many other industries such a data storage, gambling, social media platforms, international identification, real estate ownership, and infinitely more.

*This article does not provide financial advice.

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