Blockchain Live 2018

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When Alex and I first arrived at Blockchain Live we visited since their booths were by the entrance. As we were walking around we were surprised to see Dan Larimer and his wife casually conversing by one of the booths. Since Alex and I are huge admirers of Dan we had to head over. Dan listened to what we had to say; and we got to see the beta version of the EOS wallet, which was really cool. Dan and his wife were very lovely and we hope to get to see them at another blockchain event soon.

…Businesses and individuals from around the world came to Blockchain Live. Some came to showcase their dream and others came to learn. It was a fusion of blockchain innovation and immersive adoption.

Some of the companies which attended Blockchain Live 2018:

Bank of England
Ernst & Young
The London Stock Exchange

Some of the big speakers at Blockchain Live 2018 were:

Nick Szabo: Creator of Smart Contracts
Brendan Blumer: CEO of
Joseph Lubin: Founder of ConsenSys
Eva Kaili: Member of the European Parliament, Chair of the STOA
As we can see, blockchain technology isn’t going away anytime soon and we need to educate the world about how financial industries aren’t the only ones getting into blockchain technology.

One key point to take from this event is to know that blockchain technology will revolutionize the world, especially, through the form of smart contracts and secure data protection.

To read more about smart contracts:

To read more about blockchain securing data:

Find out more at:




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