Dether Private Presale Results

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A transparency note on Dether’s private presale

From October 2017 to December 2017, Dether had a private presale with investors we met during the Dether World Tour.

Today, we are happy to announce that we have successfully closed Dether’s private presale on December 23, 2017 by raising 3.956 ETH.

1/ Why a private presale?

Instead of having a public presale like a lot of current projects, we decided to have a private presale for three main reasons.

First, it gave us the chance to bring true partners that we had met in person onboard. One of our main goals was to find more than just investors interested in buying and selling tokens, but partners who we could actually meet in person, and who will contribute to Dether’s success in the long term. The Dether World Tour gave us the ability to not only meet up with potential investors from all over the world, but also to measure their excitement about Dether and start working with them on how to break barriers to cryptocurrency mass adoption.

Second, many current projects fail in their token sale because they have a public presale with a fixed bonus distributed to everyone. It is often perceived by the market as a “pre-ICO,” during which a bonus is given to everyone who participates. Unfortunately, it usually ends in a token sale that has less interest (with lower or no bonus/discount) and a token value that drops after the token sale.

Third, it gave us the chance to welcome major investors while still protecting token sale investors from “big whales” on the market. As you may know, participants in Dether’s tokens sale will be able to buy a certain amount of tokens equally divided between the number of registered participants. As a consequence, Dether’s private presale helped us to secure funds, and gave investors the opportunity to buy tokens in a larger quantity.

2/ A progressive bonus mechanism with a smart contract lock-up

Because presale investors were able to buy tokens in larger quantities, we decided to set a progressive bonus mechanism with a lock-up period for their bonuses.

2.1 The bonus given to presale investors was progressive, based on the amount of ETH invested.

Bonuses on tokens were given according to the following distribution:
90 ETH < 300 ETH = 7% BONUS
300 ETH < 1000 ETH = 15% BONUS
< 1000 ETH = 30% BONUS

As a consequence, an average bonus of 14,7% was given to presale investors.

2.2 Bonuses granted to presale investors will be locked-up in smart contracts and vested.

Presale investors will receive their bonus according to the following mechanism:

  • 20% after the token sale
  • 40% three months after the token sale
  • 40% six months after the token sale
  • 3/ Global figures

    As a reminder, Dether will create 100.000.000 ÐTH tokens, and 66% of them (66.000.000) are reserved for the token sale.

    ÐTH token total supply: 100.000.000 ÐTH max will be minted:

    • 66% Token sale
      - 3% Bounty program
    • 18% Team (vested for 3 years with a 6-month release program)
    • 3% Advisors (vested for 6 months)
    • 5% Early contributors (vested for 6 months)
    • 5% Presale bonus (vested for 6 months)

    4/ Presale contributions

    In total, 6 investors (from 5 different countries) took part in Dether’s private presale.

    Tokens bought by presale investors (but not the bonus granted to them) are included in the 66%.

    4.1 Token distribution (without bonus):

    Number of tokens bought (without bonus): 17.407.752 ÐTH
    Representation in % of total supply: 17%
    Representation in % of tokens reserved for the token sale: 26%

    4.2 Bonus distribution:

    Number of tokens to be distributed as a bonus: 4.756.834 ÐTH
    Representation in % of total supply: 5%

    4.3 Total number of tokens distributed (investment + bonus):

    Total number of tokens to be distributed: 22.164.587.23 ÐTH
    Representation in % of total supply: 22%

    5/ Token sale ratios and what’s in store

    As you may have understood, presale investors bought 26% of the tokens allocated for the token sale.

    74% of the tokens reserved for the token sale will be sold on February 7, 2018.

    We have decided to keep a fair ratio (presale investors have purchased one forth of the tokens reserved for the token sales, and three forths remain for the public token sale) in order to welcome and protect a maximum number of participants in the token sale.

    The number of ÐTH tokens left to be purchased will be equally divided between the participants registered on:

    On February 7, 2018, participants who have registered and who have gone through the KYC will have 24 hours to buy the amount of ÐTH tokens they are able to. Thanks to this, participants won’t need to rush to buy at an alloted time, but they will have one day to do so. The following day, each participant who bought the maximum number of tokens they were able to, will be given the possibility to buy as many tokens as they want without a fixed limit, until there are no remaning tokens, before February 14, 2018.

    6/ What are the MinCap and MaxCap?

    MinCap: 3.000 ETH (already reached via Dether’s private presale)
    MaxCap: 15.000 ETH

    1 ETH = 4.400 DTH

    7/ When will the token will be used?

    Dether’s alpha is already available on:

    V0.1 will be available on Ethereum Main Net in March 2018. Sellers, buyers and physical shops from all over the world will be able to use ÐTH tokens on Dether.


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