The 5 Steps To Startup Success


The First Social/Market Network Built On Blockchain Technology

CEO of Markethive, Thomas Prendergast announces:

"We are now ready and on the verge of launching the first ultimate Market Network with a social media interface. This has never been done before. Markethive is well versed in identifying its market being and we now offer our experience and expertise to everyone aspiring to build a business online.

We have purposely integrated blockchain Technology for your security, privacy and give you the ability to create a universal income all on one platform. What this means is you cannot be shadowbanned giving you freedom of speech. Your data is your data and cannot be used by the company or anyone else. You can work safely in an autonomous environment with everything you need to achieve your goals ”

The Next Generation - The Next Level
You will now be able to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills with state of the art inbound marketing tools in a collaborative fluid culture achieving the five steps to startup success with Markethive. Even if you have just a slight entrepreneurial itch, you will be able to learn and grow with the system positioned to be the next generation of social/market media. And you get paid to learn!

CEO of Markethive, Thomas Prendergast says:

"Markethive has built and adopted a proven strategy over the last 20 years. The foundation has been laid which makes us in the top 1%. We already have the 3 pillars of Viability being Community, Technology, and Liquidity which need to be equal portions of to have the viability in the digital money sphere."


The CEO states:

".As predicted by the visionaries of Silicon Valley, the Market Network is the next logical replacement of the Social Networks. They spoke about the Market Network being the next unicorn trillion dollar companies over the next ten years. They were talking about Markethive.
We are a Marketplace, a Network and we have all the Inbound Marketing tools for workflow."

We are the ultimate Market Network. Markethive is rising up to be the next generation Social (Market) Network bringing sanity to privacy and Universal Income to the Entrepreneur"

The early vertical market networks are
1. A Marketplace - Transactions among multiple buyers and sellers
2. A Network - Identity and Communications
3. Work Flow - SAAS, Software as a service

Markethive an outstanding platform with huge upend potential in both the markets and revenue generation is solid and are already generating income revenue as well as funding revenue.


CTO and Co-founder of Markethive Douglas Yates quoted:

“It’s fully operational as a beta platform, the coin has been created, the blockchain is in place, and every milestone in the white paper has been met on time.”

One of the many veteran associates, Tim Moseley says:

“Markethive represents the future to me. It offers me the most significant opportunity of my lifetime. One of which I am totally confident, that because of the vision and hard work relentlessly performed by the CEO Thomas Prendergast and his team, will launch Markethive forward into the future to become the premier Inbound Marketing Networks of our time. I can envision Markethive becoming the standard by which other Market Networks will be judged by”

Another satisfied Associate, Mike Sheehan states:

Having had the opportunity to meet and speak with Tom provided me with the vision that this platform is going to be unique and beneficial. With limited tech knowledge Markethive gives me a platform where I can learn from both members and the training videos. And finally given the option to have free access to 75% of the platform or for only $100 monthly having access to 100% of the platform gives me comfort that everything is available for me to use without surprises of “up-sells”

All five steps to startup success have now been executed by Markethive. Now it’s your turn. Join Markethive and be ready to receive the first of many infinity Airdrops of 500 MHV coins just for subscribing. And it gets better.


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I use Markethive, and believe it will turn out to be one of the most advanced marketing communities online with all of the latest tools, and they're free to use.

Yes! Thanks to technology and some benevolent Visionaries, we have a democratic Platform delivered by the people for the people.!

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