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Today we are excited to roll out Release Candidate 1.0 of the Datum Network, delivering on the initial vision outlined in our whitepaper from last year, and establishing a solid foundation to nurture our sprouting ecosystem.

At Datum we are passionate about helping people take back ownership over their data, and we're building platforms and services that enable our vision. The base layer is formed by the Datum Network, a distributed data store that provides guarantees about who owns data, who can access data, who shared data and who bought or sold data. All of which is recorded on an immutable blockchain layer. So, how does this all work and who is it for?

Let's say an application asks you for your email address, if the email is stored on the Datum Network the following assurances are created:

  • You are the owner of the email
  • You control which companies and organizations have access to your email (you can withdraw access at any time)
  • You can delete your email from the Datum Network at any time
  • By guarantee of the blockchain layer, you know who accessed your email, under what terms and conditions and for what purpose

Developers Face Complexity From Emerging Data Privacy Regulations

Many countries are starting to introduce data privacy legislation that mandates the above points to be implemented, adhered to and demonstrably proven by developers and companies, but this is no easy task.

As a developer, if you are building an application, your first thought is probably to make it great with an experience and features that people will love, so data privacy and regulatory compliance is considered only in hindsight. With the Datum SDK we're providing developers with all the tools they need to adhere to out of the box and without having to build a complex custom implementation of your own.

As a developer you get:

  • Secure data storage where only your users own and control the keys to their data
  • Permissioned access to your users data that remains under their control
  • The ability to monetize data in a way that treats both users and developers fairly

Part of building a successful blockchain platform is offering support and developer tools that developers and businesses can rely on. As part of this release we are proud to release a wide range of additional modules:

Today's Release

  1. The Datum Network, consisting of our distributed storage node network and an immutable Blockchain Layer
  2. Storage node staking for MainNet is officially open for registration (For registration within China, please use this form instead)
  3. A preliminary staking calculator is online and open for public discussion
  4. Datum's 2018 roadmap has been revised and updated

Full Decentralization and the Roadmap Ahead

We consider the Mainnet launch a preview release candidate. The Datum Mainnet is ready to be used in production for non critical data storage and access. We are still working on improving a few key aspects over the coming weeks:

  • Improved Proof of Storage resulting in better storage guarantees with lower bandwidth requirements and optimized blockchain interactions
  • An ERC20 cross-chain bridge using plasma that lets you move ERC20 DAT tokens between the Ethereum and Datum blockchains
  • Formal Security Audits of our Smart Contracts and Encryption mechanisms

Ecosystem Partners


Over the past year we've received inquiries from businesses and project teams in all shapes and sizes across industry verticals. Select groups have expressed their intention in adopting the Datum SDK and/or supporting the Datum project through co-marketing partnerships as part of the MainNet launch. Thank you to all of our partners.


The team at Datum made it really easy to bring our concept to life and develop a proof of concept in just two weeks. We're using Datum to stores individuals' employment history securely via the Datum blockchain and data storage network. The support we get from Datum is solid in terms of problem solving and collaboration. - Michael Gerber, 360F CEO


Here at Aryia we are very excited to be collaborating with Datum and utilize their decentralized network of storage nodes to keep our customers' data safe. This is a great opportunity to work with an established project in the field of data security on blockchain - Alex Delibas, Aryia Founder and CEO


Partnering with Datum makes perfect sense for AEX. Both organizations believe in safety, transparency and value creation for users based on participation in the crypto economy.


Games of skill and chance have historically been a target for scammers who to try and take advantage of the game in order to win prizes. We see this in traditional casinos and even in fantasy sports gaming. Ensuring all participants are playing the platform with a verified identity ensures fair gameplay for all and Datum ID provides an ideal solution. - Tom Chan, CEO of Altcoin Fantasy


We're intrigued by Datum's end-to-end platform for user authentication, data security and monetization. We'll be exploring ways to integrate the Datum SDK and reward Bamboo users by sharing application data. It also helps that we share similar values around the future of networks and infrastructure with the Datum founding team. - Phil George, CEO/Founder of Bamboo


We look forward to working with Datum on leveraging the Datum ID technology to credential DCORP Academy participants. There is no better way to learn about new technology than experiencing it for yourself.  - Sangho Grolleman, COO of DCORP


We're excited to connect with Datum users and introduce them to our exchange. As experienced operators who invented Bitcoin.co.id which reaches over 1MM users we expect that Datum users will benefit from having early access to emerging token sales featured on Tokenomy. - Oscar Darmawan, CMO of Tokenomy


ZILLA looks forward to introducing Datum users to our app. Both Datum and ZILLA are committed to increasing security and accessibility in the crypto space.- Abasa Phillips, Founder

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