Ripple adopted By AMEX ???

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American Express (AMEX) is an international financial services company providing banking services. In the UK, AMEX is more associated with corporate customers, but AMEX is also available for personal accounts. Overall, AMEX has a $ 33 billion turnover and has over 50,000 employees, or it's a huge company.

Taking into consideration this, it is amazing that Ripl reminded AMEX not in tweets, but on the official site where the entire article was dedicated to AMEX.

The post is about challenges that small and medium businesses face during international payments. Traditional system, these payments are accompanied by huge payments and need a great deal of time. At present, AMEX is one of the companies that provide international payments for companies. On the other hand, AMEX acknowledges that these companies need small and frequent payments very quickly and often, for which traditional methods are not suitable.

Ripple says:

"The American Express understands the problems that small and medium businesses face with the traditional banking system for international payments or credit card access. The "Open Forum" of this company is a popular platform and a good tool for small and medium businesses. "


"Ripley tries to bring the American Express to the problem of international transactions with various companies. Ripple xRapid creates a new blockchain based infrastructure for global payments. American Express users are linked to this infrastructure in order to achieve the best of service quality. "

Currently, American Express uses some of the ripple xRapid transfers, which seems to be that American Express wants more and more to use the ripple and create security mechanisms.

"Ripple-based blockchain helps to carry out transactions. American Express users in the US now see improvements. Ripple and American Express have also been united to

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