BLOCKCHAIN OF THE FUTURE: get paid to work-out, get paid to eat, get paid to do your laundrys, get paid to cut/make your hair. Get paid to do etc etc etc.

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  The blockchain technology has barely scratched the surface of its full potentials and yet we are reaping the benefits of this awesome technology everyday of our lives. Just about little percent of the world’s population have embraced the blockchain/cryptocurrency project and yet we already have blockchains with viable use cases, a quintessential blockchain project of this sought is steem, we all can attest to this. 

I can imagine how probably ridiculous and impossible it sounded when @ned and @dan came out and told the world they have successfully created a system that can enable content creators earn from contents and engagements they provide on social media platforms, and here we are now, there are a lot of users on this platform earning fulltime income from the contents they provide on the steem blockchain, from videos, to audios, to memes , to live streaming, you name it. 

This is why steem is numero uno on my list and also my favorite blockchain, it has a use case that really touches lives. I live in the third world country where good paying sources of income are hard to come by so I know what impact the steem blockchain is having on most of us users from that region. 

I like the way cryptocurrency and blockchain projects kind of creates a level playing field for everyone to hustle on no matter what part of the world an individual is located. For example I could buy a coin/token and HODL, when it pumps I sell and have same value as someone in the USA or UK or CHINA that bought that same coin/token at the same price I did and sold at the price I sold whereas conventionally a stock speculator in Africa would earn no where near a stock speculator in the USA or UK or CHINA even if they are both good at it because of economic differences. 

 The wealth of the world is so unevenly distributed and I believe that more blockchain projects like steem will be conceived that will redistribute the wealth and make it a bit fair by doing away with centralized authorities that dream up concepts and systems that enriches just a few individual.  

Humanity needs projects like steem that pays one for writing, for recording audios and video, Humanity needs projects that can pay one for working out and exercising, humanity needs projects that can pay one for doing their laundries, humanity needs projects that can even pay one for eating,lol. 


How awesome would that be, We need more people like @ned and @dan to dig deep into the analytical abyss of their minds and dream up working  systems to these effect. and I ask myself why not me? Hey, am trying to psyche myself up and anyone else who might read this post to get motivated but really how awesome would that be if blockchain projects sprung up that meets these needs ? would you invest in them or think its impossible ? Blockchain technology is changing the conventional way of doing things and making things that seemed hitherto impossible to be possible. 

The steem blockchain did it and I believe that in the future, with the power of the blockchain people will be paid for things they never thought would be possible to earn from. Just like we are experiencing now with steem.  

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@darkerhorse Insightful and informative article, thanks for sharing.

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