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There are many blockchain networks, with each of them trying hard to outsmart the others to remain relevant. The disparities in the blockchain networks are first triggered by the fact the pioneer blockchain network (Bitcoin) was unable to solve many issues it had promised to solve. From scalability to security hitches and down to interoperability issues, it has become imperative to have a viable platform that can resolve all the issues that are currently ravaging the blockchain networks.


The Metaverse blockchain is a blockchain network that is out to address many of the challenges that are reducing the potentialities of the current blockchain networks. The idea thereof is to make sure that the users are not in any way, continuously affected by the lags in the conventional blockchain system.

Therefore, if you have been using the likes of the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks and you are no longer comfortable with the issues you have been facing there, it may be time you migrated to a viable platform, in this case, the Metaverse blockchain.


The Metaverse blockchain is not working alone. It is important to point out that it is making use of the Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA), which is a dedicated attempt at reinventing how the current blockchain networks are operating. It is also pertinent to point out that the idea is to use two chain networks in the instance that one of the chain networks can continue with the transactions even when the other is not working.

It is through the Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA) that the Metaverse blockchain will be able to achieve all the features it already has in place as ways of resolving the challenges tenable in the current blockchain networks.


The Metaverse blockchain takes security seriously, and that is why it designed a multi-layered security network to be at the heart of all the security apparatuses it will put in place for the success of the platform.

That said; the Metaverse blockchain will be working with a number of security systems so that its blockchain network and those of the others it will be interoperable with will not be compromised.

Wallet Security

Ideally, cryptocurrency investors often store their digital assets in digital asset wallets. It is from those wallets that they can decide to keep HODLing their assets or use them for different transactions, including trading them.

The wallet security as adopted by the Metaverse blockchain network via the Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA) is to use the same wallet and account security approach that is tenable on the EOS blockchain network. By using that, the platform (the Metaverse blockchain) will be able to demand for multiple signatures before transactions can be completed. It also makes sure that permissions are given and allowed for accounts that have a public and private key pair.

Distributed Denial of Service Attack

Some cybercriminals may find their way in getting into the accounts of users. In such circumstances, the affected users tend to lose their accounts and may also lose the digital assets stored therein.

It is in order to stop the possibilities of such security compromises that the Metaverse blockchain (courtesy of the Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA)) came up with the Distributed Denial of Service Network (DDOS) as a security layer for protecting the network from attacks. The DDOS will also protect the Regular and the Super Nodes on the network.

Consensus Algorithm Security

It is no news that the consensus algorithm is greatly needed to ensure the continuity of blockchain-based platforms. It is also the robustness of the algorithm that determines how effective the blockchain platform can be.

To bolster the improvements of the Metaverse blockchain and to reduce the security challenges therein, the Metaverse blockchain went the extra mile to protect its network from witnessing any security lapses pertaining to the Metaverse blockchain.

The Metaverse blockchain uses a dedicated consensus algorithm called “BaseChain”. BaseChain also doubles as the Main Network (Mainnet) of the Metaverse blockchain. The BaseChain also goes the extra to make use of a POW/POS hybrid consensus algorithm to maximize security in the sense that it can use either of the properties of the Proof of Work (POW) or the Proof of Service (POS) consensus algorithms or both.



That many blockchain networks do not cohabit or do not work together is not a secret. It is now clear that many of those blockchain-based platforms are looking for ways to solve issues on their own ways without necessarily working in harmony with other blockchain-based platforms to come to a compromise on how to tackle the existing issues in one fell swoop.

The Metaverse blockchain, buoyed by its Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA) is making use of a big monolithic layer that also works alongside a layered design. It will be used to solve two issues, which are interoperability and performance.

On the one hand, the Dualchain Network Architecture Performance Layer (DNA-PL) will be overseeing the increment of performances of the Metaverse blockchain and all other blockchain networks and platforms that will be connected to it. On the other hand, the Dualchain Network Architecture Interoperability Layer (DNA-IL) will be there to foster interoperability between the Metaverse blockchain and other blockchain networks. It is also there to ensure that the Metaverse blockchain will be able to connect with other blockchain networks.

By taking advantage of the two layers – the DNA-IL and the DNA-PL, the Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA), which upholds the Metaverse blockchain, will be able to tackle scalability issues because it already has two chain networks in its kitty with particular reference to the Dualchain Network Architecture Performance Layer (DNA-PL). The problem of interoperability will be solved via the Dualchain Network Architecture Interoperability Layer (DNA-IL), which will in charge of fostering communications between the Metaverse blockchain and other blockchain networks.


It is new dawn for the blockchain technology as the Metaverse blockchain comes into play by taking advantage of the Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA). You can be sure that your transactions will now be facilitated and will be more secure than before.

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