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The digital industry like the analogue has great potential and also takes investments as a pivotal activity in it. It has grown to a stage that is can now match up with the standard of the long existing analogue world even though the aim is to have them work together. Similarly to the fiats money, cryptocoins are also valuable and can be used as an alternative means of payments, but the fact that it cannot be handled physically differentiate it from the first. However, the world is fast approaching a generation that will soon have no respect for physical money and will love to indulge more in the use of the abstract money to do things. Even the traditional banks have seen it coming and have come up with credit card solutions to make the use of money possible without physically handling them, and since then people have found it so cool to use. Now this style is about to be introduced to the digital network for cryptocoins to be used from cards as well. XCARD is in position to control that for users.


This platform aims to allow the use of both fiats and cryptocoin from credit and debit cards. It provides users with a two way system for using both fiats and cryptoassets as they engage in the platform. The experience of the Mobilum company has made it able to make an innovation as this even though it will serve other purposes other than the use of the card. This platform will make users engagement in forex trading better, raising their financiaI standards as it lowers the risks involved in their involvement in trading. The company already has the experience of the digital ledger and knows how it can bring about improvement in the structure despite all the odds. This platform prides it credit card product to be the best in allowing the users make Services and paying with any type of currency they choose to pay with or as the situation warrants. Payments for goods will be easier than it was before with the centralised way of operating avoided. In this platform, users will have their funds saved in the cold wallet which assures the safety of funds. This type of wallet wasn't available when the users were still under the centralised network.


Xcard provides a secured exchange for fiats and digital conversion and makes the liquidity up to standard. The transactions in this system are controlled by the smartcontracts to an extent that it becomes difficult for any form of manipulations to thrive in it. Security tokens are involved, they stand to give access to the platform as well as make users have access to more than 200 cryptocoins in the system.

Its partnership with the well known VISA will give it some edge in the digital ledger. It will therefore be in charge of the MBM tokens before they are launched this year. The partnership is a great success that will.maje XCard a lot more relevant and accepted since so many people are cool with the services provided by VISA company.

Xcard provides users with more advantages like the.low commission fees that is required and the way goods can be purchased easily with the credit card it has created. It makes it possible for users of the wallet to also buy any goods to pay later. It plans to make the use of cryptocoins come into mainstream adoption so that everyone can be using it regularly for safer, faster and more reliable transactions. It provides users with new properties that would foster their use of the assets, and that is especially for those who know only little about cryptocurencies.


Apart from what this platform is able to do now, there are other functionalities which will be enabled in the nearest future. They include;

The lending of ones funds to other users to use as loan collaterals to receive loans from the platform. When any user engage in this activity for any reason, especially on the app, they will have a means of generating income with no risk involved.
In the future, users will be able to user more than one wallet. They can add more wallets to support themselves. The results will be that transfers or transactions will be extra fast, done with a very low cost and much more secured.


Soon enough, it will easy to purchase any desired item or get services from Xcard e-commerce widgets. This feature will allow users to access the ecommerce network from the app to spend both cryptocurencies and fiats without any intermediaries between them. This provision will also become much more acceptable, reliable and cheap for users to leverage on well.


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