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There are many places around the world today where you wish to visit. With thousands of choice destinations around the world, it becomes harder for you to decide on where to go and where not to. Of course, your determination to travel and go on sightseeing is determined by different factors. From the decision on the best locations to the section of the best travel agencies, you might end up not making a concise decision.

The aforementioned challenges are tenable in the conventional clime. Now that the blockchain technology has come into the picture, we can be sure that some of the issues would be resolved. More so, a platform like BMY Guide has been launched to be one of the leading decentralized travel-oriented platforms in the world. With the basis on the blockchain technology, it is hoped that newer opportunities would be underway for the people who are looking at swift, transparent, and affordable travels.


BMY Guide, as earlier stated, is a dedicated travel-oriented platform that is working on the premise of the blockchain technology. The platform also has a number of features, which are designed to bolster the positive inputs it intends to make in the global travel and tourism industry. Highlighted below are some of the features of the broader BMY Guide ecosystem.

Social Platform/Network

It has been touted in many quarters that the launch of the Internet and indeed social networks made interactions easier. Also, the word-of-mouth procedure of interactions, which had been in vogue, is now replaced by global and socialized interactions.

That notwithstanding, people still need the opinions of others to be able to make an informed decision. Over the years, there hasn’t been any social platform that is dedicated to providing swift interactions and communications among intending travellers and those that have travelled. That informs the reason behind the Travel Social Network from BMY Guide. In this case, users are allowed to interact and communicate in many ways, such as finding relevant information for their next travel, and sharing their travel experiences.

Swift Searching

Before now, intending travellers are bombarded with many adverts from travel platforms and companies. Instead of the limited offers that are made to hundreds of people at the same time, you can now use BMY Guide to search without any adverts. Also, you can create contents and get rewarded for your contributions.

Travel-Related Marketplace

This is one of those moments where different participants in the travel industry can come under one umbrella. Courtesy of the Travel-Related Marketplace designed by BMY Guide, products and services related to travelling can now be made available to the users. The marketplace is also an excellent opportunity for the users and service providers to build tribes and communities among themselves, depending on their interests.



Your next trip, vacation, or sightseeing is fully assured when you make use of the BMY Guide platform. As the name suggests and as it would go about the business, BMY Guide would be your guide and lead you and many other travellers by the hand to make informed travelling decisions.


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