Travelchain - An Open Source Blockchain Platform for Tourism and Travels

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A short analysis of the features that can make Travelchain a unique component in the travel industry

The Statistics Portal, gathering data from more than 18,000 sources, stated that the travel and tourism industry has a huge direct economic impact because it includes multiple components (from accommodation, transportation, to entertainment or attractions). Only in 2016, this value reached 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars. Europe and the Asia Pacific region alone gather more than 900 million outbound tourists.

“This is the sixth year in a row that Travel & Tourism has outpaced the global economy, showing the sector’s resilience, and the eagerness of people to continue to travel and discover new places, despite economic and political challenges across the world.”, stated David Scowsill, President & CEO, World Travel & Tourism Council.

However, there is still plenty of room for improvement in this industry. Without a doubt, innovation could transform some of the challenges that tourism in facing today into opportunities, the following years.

Discover Travelchain

In order to do so, a new project called Travelchain has decided to adopt a series of game-changing innovations, to reshape the travel/tourism landscape. Let us take a closer look now at what is Travelchain and how does it plan in revolutionizing this attractive industry.

Travelchain presents itself as an open-source blockchain platform which has been designed to store all data about travelers and travel businesses. It creates a smart traveling ecosystem (called Travelchain), having a single fuel - the TravelToken.

  • Earn tokens by simply sharing data through the system
    Despite on other apps or travel/booking platforms, on Travelchain users have the possibility to control their data and to decide who and when will see it; each time they give permission to use their data for business purposes, individuals are rewarded with TravelTokens.

  • Receive personalized offers
    By analyzing the data, companies understand travelers’ wishes even before the users themselves realize them. Thus, everyone gets their unique and personalized offer. It’s a win-win situation, with a higher efficiency rate than standard advertising. This can be done before planning a trip or even while traveling or while staying in a hotel.

  • Competition with top companies in the travel industry
    Travelchain hopes to allow small to medium businesses to compete against large corporations. To do so, it plans to create Smart Traveling - a new standard of travelling, providing clients with a variety of lucrative offers.

  • Projects and experiments, available to all developers
    Also, the project has the intention of providing help and support to application developers in this sector, thanks to a unified, open and decentralized database. Developers can direct their attention and energy on designing and implementing apps and monetizing them with Travel Tokens.

To sum up, Travelchain is designed to offer benefits to businesses (savings on advertising; easier and more customized access to potential clients; using artificial intelligence for better targeting; increase profits; elimination of intermediaries, etc.) and travelers (monetization of personal data; better planning/travelling experiences), through the creation of a new ecosystem, based on modern and innovative technologies.

For more information, go to and find out case studies, details regarding the business plan and the following token sale. Also, discover more answers to your question by downloading the official white papers at and

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Where can I found the road map, do you have this one?


Here you can view the roadmap:

This can be huge considering a fact that travel itself runs around 80% of industries. With this kind of niche transparency, it can actually provide a freedom-point jurisdiction over choices. Will be following it closely.

Wow, I would never thought that blockchain will be use by such a large segment as traveling and tourism. Best idea I've heard so far, bravo Travelchain. I am looking forward to a part of it!

Interesting idea. Data marketplaces are tough to execute though. Will need to find a way to solve the initial chicken and egg problem marketplaces all launch with.

This is good news for tourism. Looking forward to seeing how Travelchain develops.

Thanks for sharing, it is really interesting. I can't believe we did post on Tripadvisors for free!!

Competition with top companies in the travel industry.

sounds cool for travelers who wants to uses those small hotels but has to use those travelchain tokens. I might use that platform once it up and running as we travel for tech and crypto frequently ;}

One of the top companies in travel industry is the one that keeps popping up in my head: Airbnb. Where is the airbnb for crypto? Found out there is already one called that is up and running. Testing that one to see if it really does let ppl book by cryptocurrency of btc and eth.

The issue of cryptocurrencies grab more boom and value over time and has become a way to market and pay for services even tourist, this post explains it very well congratulations for the information given success

It will be quite an interesting innovation for the industry.Thank you for the first hand information.

It is the first ico that I hear about travel. Travelchain is one of the very first blockchain-based projects in the tourism sector. I wish you good luck!

tourism and travel has many use cases for blockchain applications. i know that TUI (a big german Tourism Company) is working on several blockchain applications for hotel reservation and travel management

bitcoin is a best coin in this setuation..thank for sharing on dear..

Very good information for traveling, thanks bro.

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great article , keep the good work

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Interesting analysis, thanks for sharing!

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How much is their commission for booking the tickets?


Around 4%

That's a helpful post keep it up @danizaharie (Resteemted)

Informative & important post.

Looks interesting for sure, will definitely be looking at this more closely. Thanks!

Interesting! Thank You! ... Just check my profile! Travel and get paid! :-))

This platform sounds good from the perspective of a person who intend to see as much as he can from this beautiful planet.

esta disponible la app ?