How to Create a Powerful Identity for Today’s Digital Economy

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In the world we live in today, the majority of us lack the control of our abilities into much of the data that other people have about us. A lot of important items, such as diplomas, certificates, licences, awards, legal forms or work history are controlled by others.

Verif-y wants to change this status quo starting now and give the control back to the people . For the first time ever, we all can own our credentials and professional history and decide who can see them. At the same time, we can built our digital identity. How can all of these operations be done with Verif-y? Users can start this process by creating a profile in the Verif-y app and entering their credentials and employment history. Meanwhile, Verify-y’s technology goes to work - there is no middle man, it is a direct secure, digital exchange of data between the end-user and the organizations.

The Verif-y app serves as a credential wallet for the users verified data - and so, all members can utilize all app’s benefits. Let’s take a quick look at some examples:

  • The first step may be applying for a great job
    Having a verified profile, let’s these users stand out versus other applicants. Why? Because the Human Resources department knows it can trust the accuracy of the Verif-y users claims. Thus, the HR does not need to spend time making phone calls or pay a third party to do that or accept the risk of trusting unverified claims.
  • Making the most of bank loans
    Also, members can use their Verif-y account to support their bank loans application and get them approved faster. Verif-y can remove the need for the lender to spend its time and money to do additional checks .

The more records the users add, the stronger their digital identity becomes and the more they can use the app for:

  • Accessing different web sites with only his digital ID
  • Accessing his secure office building
  • Obtaining the approval for official identification
  • Using the identification for travel

Verif-y allows all people to start owning their background and get value from their digital identity. To fulfill this fast-growing identification demand, Verif‑y is expanding the development of the blockchain-based, digital identity solution layer of its commercially available credential and employment verification platform. Its services improve the protection of Personally Identifiable Information ('PII'), which in today's world define our identity.

However, Verif-y is not only created for individual users, but also for employers, credential providers, governments, membership organisations and even license providers.

Learn more about Verif-y and watch several informative materials presenting the benefits of using this platform by visiting the official website at and join the presale now!

Also, be sure to download the official whitepaper at This document presents answers to numerous aspects related to:

  • Current problems with identity, credentials and employment verification
  • The use of blockchain technology in Verif-y
  • Verif-y’s ecosystem, digital identity, platform architecture, revenue model and token
  • Crowdsale details and token distribution

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Thanks for wonderful post @ dnizaharie. Digitization is good due to obvious reasons, but unfortunately security & privacy issues are still influencing the decision making process to digitize our tasks.

Great. If I understand it correctly, it seems that Verif-y will make all those bodily intrusive identification technologies obsolete for many uses (I. e. retina scans, embedded RFID chips, etc.).

The technology already exists, so it's just a matter of time before the application of Verif-y expands into more and more areas.